Stainless Steel Floor Cleaning System (incl. handle)


Unrivaled Durability and Performance with the Premium Stainless Steel Commercial-Grade Floor Cleaning System

    • Maximum robustness: our classic is completely made of solid stainless steel 
    • Can easily fit into any corner thanks to the S-joint that can be rotated in all directions and is so flat that it can fit under any cupboard
    • Made in Germany guarantees the highest quality

    Experience effortless and efficient floor cleaning with the Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Express. Its ergonomic swivel design enables you to clean floors and skirting boards without the need to bend down, making it ideal for both household and commercial use. With a variety of Ha-Ra floor cleaning pads tailored to different flooring types, and available in two sizes for the Floor Express, you have the freedom to choose what suits your needs best. Additionally, its versatility extends beyond floors, allowing you to clean ceilings, beams, solar panels, cornices, and stairs with ease.

    How To Use

    Select the appropriate floor pad for your floor surface then insert one end of the metal bar into the floor pad. Apply pressure onto the metal pedal at the top of the floor express and lift, and insert the other end. Push down to lock it in place. To clean, use an 's' motion over the floor in order to collect larger particles while the fibre gets into indentations. 

    Where To Use

    The Floor Cleaning Express helps you clean all floor surfaces with a wide range of floor pads, you can also use this system to clean ceilings, solar panels, stairs, beams and cornices. 

    How Does It Work

    The Ha-Ra® Floor Express is made of aluminium, and the flexible holder of high quality VIA stainless steel. It is extremely durable and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear. It comes in two sizes: 30 cm & 42 cm. 

    To open the Ha-Ra® Floor Express to attach the floor pad, apply light pressure with your foot on the flat metal spring and with your hands, slightly pull the handle to one side without using force.

    Slip each end of the metal floor appliance into the pockets of the floor pad. With your foot gently push the connection and push the handle down to lock in lace.

    This will snap the pad on to the floor connection tightly.

    Attachments and handles can be purchased separately.

    There are different fibres available for the Ha-Ra® Floor Express. 

    The Ha-Ra® Floor Express should never be referred to as a mop, as this system is capable of cleaning high areas such as ceilings, high cupboards and walls, as well as floors. Replaces the use of brooms, scrubbing brushes and mops.

    What Is It Made Of

    High-quality industrial stainless steel. Handle made of anodized aluminium corrugated pipe (1.40 m long, 32 mm thick).

    Why Is It Eco-Friendly

    Just as a stainless steel bottle offers eco-friendly advantages over a plastic one, a stainless steel cleaning system brings a range of environmentally friendly benefits too. It is extremely eco-friendly due to its commercial-grade quality, durability, reusability, and chemical-free cleaning properties. It promotes sustainability by reducing the need for disposable cleaning products and minimising chemical pollution. Many commercial clients have been using the same system for over 20 years.


    What are the different sizes?
    Choose the 30cm for smaller spaces and the 42cm for larger areas. The Floor Cleaning Express pad holder consists of a swivelling hinged holder (stainless steel) with a steel spring released by foot pressure. A special S-socket joint and a non-slip handle. If you are unsure which Floor Pad is the right one for your individual surfaced, please contact our team or send us a photo of your surfaces and we will advise accordingly.