Floor Cleaning Pad | Long Natural Fibres


Crafted from a high-quality cotton blend, it's gentle yet effective, making it perfect for oiled, waxed, and varnished wood as well as cork floors.

  • Our long white floor fibre, made from a high-quality cotton blend, is the alternative to microfibre
  • The Cotton Fibre absorbs water and the Polyester Fibre cleans 
  • The White Long Floor Cleaning Pad can be used for cleaning timber floors unless the floor is very greasy e.g. kitchen area

The Floor Cleaning Pad White Long is tailored for smooth floor surfaces and excels on walls and ceilings as well. This pad's longer fibers make it perfect for textured tiles, tiled floors with joints, and all synthetic surfaces, as they effectively reach into grooves. Crafted from a high-quality cotton blend, these fibers offer a superb alternative to microfiber. They're gentle on surfaces, ensuring streak-free cleaning and care for structured floors.

How To Use

Mix a drop of Protective Formula with 2 liters of water, immerse the Floor Cleaning Pad White Long, and then squeeze out excess liquid. Alternatively, wet the fiber with plain water using a spray bottle. Attach the White Long Floor Pad to a stainless steel Floor Cleaning System handle and floor piece, and wipe the surface in an S-motion, letting the fibers and water do the work. No drying necessary as the surface will dry streak-free.

Where To Use

Ideal for plastic, linoleum, stone, and timber surfaces, this mop pad is specially designed for structured floors like tiles, tiled floors with joints, or stone and synthetic surfaces. It's also gentle enough for oiled, waxed, and sealed parquet, cork, and wooden floorboards. For best results, use the floor pad slightly damp.

How Does It Work

The Long White Wet Fibre combines 42% cotton for absorption and 58% polyester for effective cleaning. Its back is made of polyamide, woven and mechanically cut for optimal performance. This pad is used slightly damp to absorb loosened grime, employing an 'S' motion to pull grime and moisture in one direction. Serving as a follow-up pad to collect loosened grime, it's suitable for timber floors unless heavily soiled, like in kitchen areas. Generally, it can be used alone for lightly soiled areas.

To ensure longevity, use Saponella washing powder and follow these steps: Rinse or wash the pad in the washing machine after use and sun dry. Avoid leaving the pad soaking, as it may encourage rotting, and shake it after washing to prevent fiber matting.

What Is It Made Of

Blend: 22mm pile 58% polyester, cleans and 42% natural cotton to absorb water and dirt

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

It's crafted from biodegradable cotton, a renewable resource. With proper care, it ensures years of use, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Plus, it can be used solely with water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and promoting a more sustainable cleaning routine.