Floor Cleaning Pad | Shiny Surfaces


The ultimate all-rounder for both smooth and textured surfaces with exceptional density and built-in water reservoirs. This high-performance fibre delivers unparalleled surface cleaning. 

  • The hard-working all-round soil fibre comes with an enormous water absorption at the edges.
  • Thanks to this integrated water reservoir, it achieves the best absorption performance of all Ha-Ra fibres.
  • It can clean up to 50 m² in one go without absorbing new water
  • It can be used universally - as typical all-rounder

Achieve a swift and comprehensive clean on all smooth and textured floors with the Mach 6 Cleaning Fibre. Its remarkable cleaning efficacy stems from the pad's unique action: as you wipe, it triggers water bubbles to burst, delivering intense cleaning power that penetrates deeply. With its high absorbency, the pad effortlessly absorbs dirt and bacteria. Available in 30cm and 42cm sizes, it perfectly complements your Floor Cleaning System.

How To Use

Simply mix 2 drops of Protective Formula with 5 liters of water, immerse the cleaning pad, and attach it to your Floor Cleaning System. Glide it over the surface in an 's' motion. Thanks to the exceptional cleaning power and capillary action of Mach 6 fibers, the Nano range is perfect for high gloss surfaces, leaving no cleaning marks. It effectively releases trapped dirt when rinsed, eliminating the need for drying as surfaces dry streak-free.

Where To Use

The fibres for this mop consist of high-quality polyester microfibres. They were specially developed for use on all smooth and structured floors, in particular for the gentle care of sealed parquet, cork and wooden floorboards. This floor pad is also excellent for smooth tiles, textured tiles, marble, granite and all plastic floors including timber, granite, painted wooden ceilings, parquetry, porcelain, sealed PVC, smooth plastic, ceramic tiles and walls. 

How Does It Work

With innovative water reservoirs seamlessly integrated into the floor pad's edge, enjoy unparalleled water absorption and distribution, significantly enhancing cleaning efficiency. This versatile floor mop is suitable for both smooth and textured indoor surfaces without the need to change the floor fiber, making it an excellent choice for those undecided about their cleaning needs. The Mach 6 Floor Pad, part of the Nanofiber series, features two fiber types and height structures. The white structure comprises densely woven fibers with exceptional capillary action, effectively releasing water and capturing dirt. Meanwhile, the blue fibers, an evolution of the Ultra fiber, powerfully agitate dirt and grime, intensifying the physical-mechanical cleaning process. Renowned for their durability, gentle care, environmental friendliness, high water absorption, potent cleaning prowess, and resistance to breakage, Ha-Ra floor cleaning fibers have been rigorously tested and trusted in professional and commercial cleaning environments.

What Is It Made Of

White fibre: 100% polyester, 13 mm pile with very high capillary action Blue-white fibre: pile height 20mm