Floor Cleaning Pad | Indoor


Versatile, high-performance microfibre designed specifically for cleaning structured floors and tiles with grout, thanks to its fine bristles.

  • Finest high-quality microfiber for the best dirt absorption and the most efficient cleaning result
  • Clean up to 60 m² in one go without taking in new water
  • Convincing cleaning results and exceptional longevity 

The blue fiber effectively dislodges stubborn dirt, while the white fiber swiftly captures it. Engineered for powerful cleaning performance, this commercial-grade product utilizes nanofiber technology to enhance cleaning power. The Hedgehog Soft Fibre is the household version of the Hedgehog Series, boasting a dense nanofiber structure with over 69 million individual fibers, each capable of holding 6 to 7 times its weight in water. 

How To Use

Begin by using a Dry Dusting Cleaning Pad to gather finer dust particles, followed by cleaning with a wet Hedgehog Soft Floor Cleaning Pad. Ensure to rinse the Floor Cleaning Pad in a Squeeze bucket as you clean to avoid streaks. For enhanced cleaning, pair with our pH-neutral floor cleaner. Note that the Protective Formula is highly concentrated, so only a small amount is necessary.

Where To Use

Ideal for modern stone surfaces, including fine stone, heavy-duty granite, marble, non-slip, sandstone, and travertine, this cleaning system features fine bristles perfect for structured floors and tile grout. Designed to be gentle not only on floors but also on your back, it ensures proper posture and spine protection. Applying light pressure and using "figure-eight" loops during cleaning optimises gentle yet effective cleaning power effortlessly. For streak-free results, dilute just a few drops of concentrated full care (2-3 drops in 5 liters of water) and clean with a lightly dampened pad. Moisten the floor pad with water and detergent, wringing it out well to avoid excess moisture or detergent that may cause streaking.

How Does It Work

The Nano Hedgehog Soft Floor Pad, featuring two distinct fiber types for optimal wet cleaning of structured floors and tile grout. At its core, ultra-fine, high-density microfibers in white deliver exceptional dirt absorption and streak-free cleaning, boasting over 69 million individual fibers for unparalleled performance. Meanwhile, blue monofilament bristles along the edges effectively dislodge deep-seated and coarse dirt, ensuring a thorough clean.

What Is It Made Of

100% Polyester

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

Durable, efficient, versatile, and chemical-free design. Its commercial-grade quality ensures longevity, promising years of sustainable cleaning when properly cared for.


What do other clients day?
"In addition to the soft material, the so-called "hedgehog fibre" has additional synthetic threads - comparable to the material of a thin fishing line. This floor cloth has excellent cleaning performance. I used this floor cloth for the terrace floor and for robust porcelain stoneware tiles." - Review via Amazon Germany

"I am enthusiastic about this floor wiper, cleans perfectly, the tiles are free of streaks. Many people in my circle of acquaintances also use this product!" - Review from Gerlinde via Amazon Germany 

"This is certainly my favourite floor cleaning product. Have you seen how thick it is? I only replaced my fibre after almost 9 years. Nothing comes close to the quality of Ha-Ra." - Amanda