Floor Cleaning Pad | Non-Slip


Superior cleaning power with high-performance fibres featuring bristles that effortlessly dislodge deep-seated dirt, paired with microfibre to securely lock it in.

  • Finest high-quality microfibre with bristles for the best dirt absorption and the most efficient cleaning result
  • Clean up to 50 m² in one go without taking in new water 
  • Convincing cleaning results and exceptional longevity

For large, challenging, or stone floor areas, the Hedgehog Gold Fibre is your ultimate solution. This heavy-duty version of the Hedgehog Cleaning series features a dense nanofiber structure with over 69 million individual nanofibers, each capable of holding 6 to 7 times its weight in water. With intense cleaning power, the pad's nanofiber design maximizes cleaning efficiency by bursting water bubbles between the capillaries of the fibers as you move, ensuring thorough cleanliness.

How To Use

Begin by utilizing a Dry Dusting Cleaning Pad to gather finer dust particles, followed by cleaning with a wet Hedgehog Gold Floor Cleaning Fibre. Remember to regularly rinse the Cleaning Pad in a Squeeze Bucket as you clean to maintain a streak-free finish.

Where To Use

Ideal for a range of modern stone surfaces including fine stone, heavy-duty granite, marble, non-slip, sandstone, and travertine, this floor fiber is also suitable for large household or commercial cleaning tasks in places like hotels, restaurants, or shops. When dry, it serves as an excellent alternative to a broom suitable for use both indoors and outdoors on tough surfaces. For mopping rough floors such as stone or non-slip safety floors, a wet mop effectively cleans these surfaces. However, avoid using it on soft plastics, acrylic, or plexiglass to prevent scratches.

How Does It Work

The Hedgehog Series stands out with its dual fiber technology, making it an excellent choice for non-slip, rough, structured floors, tile joints, and grout. Its blue monofilament bristles excel at removing gritty and deeply embedded grime, while the ultra-fine, high-density, white microfibers efficiently absorb dirt and water. This floor fiber also serves as a superb alternative to a broom suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on various surfaces.

What Is It Made Of

100% Polyester Nano Fibre

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

Ha-Ra floor cleaning fibers are celebrated for their remarkable durability, gentle care, eco-friendliness, high water absorption, powerful cleaning capabilities, and resistance to tearing and breaking.


What is the Step by Step Cleaning Guide?

  • Use the Stainless Steel Floor System Handle with the Hedgehog Gold Floor Pad and fill the Squeeze bucket to over half full.
  • Drop the white and blue flecked floor pad into the bucket.
  • Lift the handle and drop the wet floor pad into the press and squeeze out lightly.
  • The clip on the metal floor handle must be pushed down and snapped into two to enable the floor piece to slip into the pockets of the floor pad at the side.
  • To wet mop the floors rotate the floor pad in an S motion allowing the fibres to glide one way to collect the sand and dirt. After every 3m x 3m section of the floor, remove the floor pad and dunk back into the squeeze bucket which will release any dirt back into the water.
  • Repeat until the total floor has been washed. The principle is the dirtier the floor the wetter the floor pad needs to be.