Floor Cleaning Pad | Dry Dusting


The allergy-friendly alternative to vacuum cleaners: Harnessing static charge, it effortlessly attracts and retains loose dirt - no water or cleaning agents required. 

  • The energy-saving and allergy-friendly alternative to the vacuum cleaner
  • The special synthetic fibre charges itself statically and magically attracts and holds loose dirt such as dust, hair and crumbs - without any water or cleaning agents
  • With one of the highest basis weights available on the market, it stands for professional cleaning results and exceptional durability

The Dry Dusting Floor Cleaning Pad, crafted to effectively gather fine dust particles, hair, and debris from all dry surfaces, keeping them from circulating in the air. Perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers, this pad is also handy for reaching ceilings, walls or under low-hanging furniture like couches and beds, effortlessly removing cobwebs and dust.

    How To Use

    Attach to a floor express and sweep using an 's' motion to pick up both smaller particles in the fibre as well as larger debris.

    • Remember that the fibres in the Ha-Ra® Dry Dusting Fibre clean only when the floor pad is dry.
    • The floor pad has to be attached to the Floor Express then moved lightly in a figure eight motion over the floor.
    • Ceilings and walls can also be dusted in this way.
    • Do not push too hard - let the fibre glide over the surfaces.
    Where To Use

    Use with the Floor Cleaning System for dry surfaces. Suggested uses for the Ha-Ra® Dry Dusting Fibre

    • To collect fine dust particles on walls, floors, skirting boards and ceilings
    • To remove cobwebs from high places
    • The Dry Dusting Fibres are especially suitable for certain types of flooring e.g. parquetry, marble, cork, waxed and oiled floors, as it is not recommended to frequently wash these surfaces 
    How Does It Work

    The Dry Dusting Fibre, meticulously crafted from synthetic fibers that resist bacteria growth and deter dust mite breeding. Unlike conventional dry dusting methods that merely relocate dust, our innovative fiber generates a static charge, effectively attracting and capturing dust without the need for water. Endorsed by the European Asthma Research Foundation, this knitted fabric is specially designed to prevent dust mites from settling while ensuring ease of use for asthma and allergy sufferers. Simply activate the static charge by gently rubbing the cloth and glide it in a mild S motion over surfaces, avoiding moisture. For optimal results, pair with our Dry Dusting Floor Pad as a Pre-Cleaner to eliminate loose debris and fluff from floors, ceilings, and walls, effortlessly removing collected dust with natural static electricity.

    What Is It Made Of

    100 % Polyester

    Why Is It Eco-Friendly

    This pad offers eco-friendly dusting without needing electricity or water, cutting down on water consumption and chemical waste. With proper care, it's built to last for years.


    How do I care for this fibre?
    The Ha-Ra® Dry Yellow Fibre should be knocked against a hard surface to release fluff and dust. It is recommended to brush off any hair or spider webs with a stiff brush. Alternatively, the cloth may be vacuumed. Avoid using over wet, sticky or damp surfaces. Wash in the washing machine using Saponella at a temperature not higher than 40°C only when very soiled.