Fine Mist Spray Bottle empty


Multi-surface spray bottle featuring a fine mist spray function, your ultimate partner in distributing our pH-neutral detergent sparingly and effectively!

  • Refill up to 2000 times from our ph-neutral concentrate
  • Replace all cleaners with a powerful, environmentally-friendly fine mist spray
  • Perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, on dishes, floors, windows, wood, tiles, sensitive surfaces, cars, and toys.
  • Eco-safe, biodegradable + family-friendly
  • This is not a genuine Ha-Ra product

Just 4-5 drops are needed to refill the 200ml bottle, encouraging efficient and environmentally conscious use. Our mist spray bottle enables you to apply our pH-neutral concentrated detergent sparingly on any surface, promoting responsible usage. 

How To Use
  1. Fill up your clean spray bottle with filtered water and add 4-5 drops of the Ha-Ra concentrated detergent. It’s important to use only the recommended amount of concentrate to achieve the desired cleaning efficacy without wasting the product.
  2. Secure the spray bottle top and move the bottle gently to mix the concentrate with the water, ensuring an even distribution throughout the solution.
  3. The solution is now ready to use. Spray it onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a clean
    cloth or glove.
Where To Use

Whether you're tackling the kitchen, bathroom, or any water-safe surface in your home, the 200ml Ph-Neutral Fine Mist Spray Bottle is your go-to solution. Its ability to adapt to various cleaning tasks, combined with its gentle approach, makes this spray bottle an indispensable tool for maintaining the pristine condition of your home.

How Does It Work

Ha-Ra’s concentrated pH-neutral detergent is designed to effectively clean without damaging surfaces or disrupting the natural pH balance of the environment or your skin. pH-neutral means that the detergent has a pH level that is neither acidic nor alka- line, closely matching that of water (pH 7), which is generally considered neutral. This type of detergent is gentle, reducing the risk of irritation or harm to different surfaces, skin, or when released into the water system post-use.

The fine mist spray bottle allows you to dilute our concentrate and only apply a small amount on any surface.

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

Designed to be reused over and over again, this bottle is not only a friend to the environment but also to your wallet. The durable construction ensures longevity, serving as a reliable partner in your cleaning arsenal for years to come.

1ml equals roughly 20 drops. Our 500ml concentrate bottle gets you ~ 10.000 drops. This means you can refill your spray bottle up to 2000 times. 

Mindful of the environment and your health, the 200ml spray bottle alleviates the need for harsh chemicals and wasteful packaging. Remarkably, refilling the bottle is as simple as adding 4-5 drops of Ha-Ra's ph-neutral concentrate to purified water, a testament to the potency of the formula and the brand's commitment to reducing environmental impact. By limiting concentrate usage to just a few drops, Ha-Ra enables you to effectively clean while minimizing both waste and exposure to unnecessary additives.