This week's isolation cleaning assignment: the kitchen.

Our fibre cleaning cloths remove food particles, grime and bacteria in one easy step. And there’s no nasty odours, or aggravating fumes. All you need is a set of five special Ha-Ra cloths with water and that’s it. 

The Ha-Ra Kitchen Cleaning System is simple to use, and so effective. In one step it banishes toxic chemicals and detergents from the place where food is stored and meals prepared.

It combines five hard-wearing cloths, which wash, scrub, clean and polish. We recommend you add a couple of drops of protective formula to the water before you start.

Dish Cloth: In the kitchen it can be used to wash glassware, china, utensils and even lightly soiled pots and pans. All you need is water.

Viva Ultra Cloth: This cloth is the miracle worker in the kitchen. It’s especially useful in removing grease and heavy fats from dishes and frying pans. And it’s an excellent oven and barbecue cleaner. Because of it’s cleaning performance it should be reserved to non-sensitive surfaces. And there’s a simple rule to follow – the heavier the grease the more water you use with the scrub cloth.

Sapphire Cloth: This cloth is recommended for kitchen benches and other smooth surfaces. And it’s ideal for general maintenance cleaning in the kitchen. The fibres are designed to clean using water only.

Star Polishing Cloth: Use the polishing cloth to finish cleaning in the kitchen. It removes light stains, fingerprints, and waters spots on glass and cutlery. It is ideally suited for all smooth surfaces including stainless steel, and can be used after the Sapphire Cloth has removed excess grime. All Kitchen cloths should be rinsed under running water after use. If there is a build-up of grime use a washing machine. We recommend you use Saponella washing powder. Always allow cloths to air dry. 

Mach 6 Glove: The Mach 6 Glove is a great all-rounder suitable for cleaning smooth surfaces like two-pack and cupboards in the convenience of a glove. The glove is highly absorbent, so you will easily remove any dirt and bacteria. 

  • After a while you’ll notice that your cupboards, bench tops, range hoods, pots and pans become greasy and dirty. Overcome this with fibre cleaning to cut through the grease and absorb the fat. You don’t need to fill your kitchen with chemicals – this is where you prepare your food so ensure that anything you use in this room you would feel comfortable ingesting, because you are. 

  • If you have any calcium build-up on glasses or in electric cookers and coffee machines use a natural citric acid to cut through and clean it out. 

  • Be sure to regularly check your toaster, microwave and other appliances as they can secretly hide crumbs, scraps and splashes and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean them out then dry off to prevent bacteria growth. 

  • To help keep your fridge clean and sanitary, keep all food products covered and label them with the date you open/use them so that you know straight away when something should be thrown out instead of letting it fester in the back. A good way to keep on top of this is to do a fridge audit every bin day and throw out what is old. 
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