This Week's Isolation Cleaning Assignment: The Bathroom

We’ll take the hard work out of the most difficult bathroom cleaning chores. Wiping away the build up of soap and other nasty residues without a trace. Our specially woven fibre cloths make cleaning easy and fast. Work without harsh, smelly detergents or abrasives.

All you need are two gloves, a polishing cloth and water to pristine clean all your bathroom surfaces. And that’s it. 

We recommend you add a few drops of our Protective Formula which is pH neutral to the water to protect your hands from the effects of hard water and to act as a wetting agent. Imagine a sparkling shower screen! You’ll see and feel the difference. Ha-Ra have a full range of cleaning kits for your windows and screens, kitchen, laundry, floors, outdoors, your car and almost any application. The results will amaze you.

1. Ultra Glove (CLEAN)
This hard-wearing fibre glove is the worker in the bathroom kit. Its dark blue side is used to loosen heavy grime. The light blue side does the same job with watermarks and lighter soap residue. All you do is add two drops of Protective Formula to the water, then dampen the glove and rub over the surface to be cleaned. Use gentle, firm strokes and simply repeat over any tough areas, until all the grime is floating on the surface. 

2. Natura Glove (PICK-UP)
With this glove, technique is important. Slightly dampen the glove and use an s-shape downward action to remove all the loosened grime from the surface you are cleaning. Repeat the s-stroke until you have covered the entire surface. It will dry pristine clean and, depending on the material, you will see its natural sparkle.

3. Star Polishing Cloth (POLISH)
Use this cloth to go for a perfect finish on shiny surfaces, or to buff taps and similar fittings. Then you’re finished. Just rinse the gloves and cloth under running water while they’re still damp and they’ll be ready for bathroom maintenance cleaning. After the first time you’ll probably find that cleaning is so much easier.

Ha-Ra Australia