How the industry's best cleaners feel about Ha-Ra

Ha-Ra covers all cleaning needs for commercial and domestic purposes. 
The main benefits of the Ha-Ra Cleaning System: 
  • High-quality patented commercial German cleaning technology with 5 Star reviews only
  • Quality over Quantity for over 50 years (supplying Holiday Parks and Hospitals) 
  • Refillable ph-neutral and biodegradable detergent in 10l containers 
  • Will not upset your eco or septic system
  • Recycle the water as grey water in the garden  
  • Commercial-grade Quality: long-lasting, thick and robust 
  • Recycle year after year by washing in the washing machine
  • Avoid damaging surfaces as no harsh chemicals are used 
  • Cleans everything from floors, screens, windows, bathrooms and kitchens 
  • Ha-Ra received climate neutral certificates for 2020 and 2021 
  • Ha-Ra supports a hydropower project in Uganda and a reforestation project in Uruguay

We have been working with various cleaners and holiday park owners over the last 20 years. One to mention is Marion Holiday Park and Lou Farrell from Busselton or Lianne Bryce in Adelaide. There is also a video on cost savings from Allen Rowett this was filmed a few years ago. 

Ha-Ra Australia