Order a Star + Crystal Cloth in December and receive a Viva Scrub Cloth free of charge!

Sparkle things up for Christmas! This set is ideal to polish glassware, cutlery, windows, mirrors, decorations and much more!  


Star Polishing Cloth

Super-absorbent cleaning and polishing is achieved with the Star Polishing Cloth. It works like a chamois, used dry or damp on smooth surfaces, and delivers a streak-free and smooth finish. The Star Polishing Cloth is great to spot clean glass doors, mirrors and all lightly soiled surfaces. Even stainless steel. 

Crystal Cloth

The Crystal Cloth will do many jobs it is as large as a tea towel 67 x 50 cm. The fibres specifically woven so they will catch and attract fine dust particles and not leave any lint behind. It super-absorbent cloth dries fast leaving nothing but a shine.

Viva Scrub Cloth

This cloth is the ideal scrubbing cloth for ovens, bbq's, and showers. It easily removes stubborn grease and grime.

  • The white scrubbing fibre supports the removal off stubborn grease
  • The grey fibre is lighter and removes grime, grease and build up
  • Handmade in Germany
Ha-Ra Australia