The experience of using the Ha-Ra® window cleaner is one that is both incredibly effective and very simple. This multipurpose cleaning equipment is considered by many industry experts to be the best window cleaner.

Utilizing this window cleaner will allow you to work:

  • more quickly than a professional 
  • without any effort 

Why is the window cleaner manufactured by Ha-Ra® considered to be the best window cleaner currently available on the market? 

With this window washing gadget, Hans Raab set not one but two new world records. The tool for washing windows is also offered in lengths of 10 centimetres, 19 centimetres, and 38 centimetres, and it may be utilised with an extension handle that reaches a maximum of three metres.

Where exactly are you going to be using the window cleaner?
(Straight) window panes, mirrors, automobile windows, and shower glass are all examples of glass products (plastic or glass)

A Guide with Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Use the Window Cleaner:

The utilisation of the window cleaner is quite easy:

Under flowing water, thoroughly saturate all of the fibres. Applying a small amount of the pH-neutral Protective Formula Rollfix is recommended. Simply roll the small bottle three to four times over the fibre, and then distribute the care product with your fingertips until it foams up.

The next step is to run your palm over the fibre to control the amount of water that will drip off the device when it is held at an angle. Move it around the surface to be cleaned in circular motions while applying a light amount of pressure. After using a dry Ha-Ra® Star Polishing Cloth to dry the rubber lip, it is then put to the top of the pane with a light amount of pressure. When you remove it, please make sure that the fibre does not come into contact with the pane any longer.

It is possible to prevent liquid from dropping onto the window frame by applying a mild pressure to the fibre at the lower border of the window. After that, the liquid is taken up by the fibre all over again. In order to stop the appearance of streaks, the rubber lip should be dried with a Ha-Ra® Star Polishing Cloth before each new application.

What makes the best window cleaner? 

What are some of the most effective techniques for washing windows? Cleaning windows is made much simpler when the appropriate cleaning chemicals are used. You may simply remove dirt from windows with the help of the simple tips provided by Ha-Ra®. 

Dust, oil, smoke, insect droppings, and bird poop are just some of the things that can stain your windows. You should clean the windows at least four times a year, up to eight times per year (depending if you live in coastal or dusty areas). Deposits can accumulate on the glass of a window if it goes for an extended period of time without being cleaned. These deposits are difficult to remove, much like the limescale that forms in the shower, and they are similar in appearance.

In addition, the paint on the window frames is susceptible to damage from hard-to-remove stains and grime, such as bird droppings. To remove the grime that has accumulated on windows and frames, there are, thankfully, specific Cleaning Gloves available. You are able to clean your windows and glass without leaving streaks if you use these Gloves in conjunction with the Window Cleaner.

The composition of the cleaning water, as well as the technology and approach utilised when cleaning windows, all have a role in determining whether or not streaks are left behind after the windows are cleaned. It is extremely important to use the appropriate amount of detergent in the cleaning water in conjunction with the best window cleaner.

Streaks can be caused by using an excessive amount of detergent. We strongly advise only using a detergent that is ph-neutral because it also functions as a wetting agent to maintain an adequate quantity of water in your window cleaning fibre. The water that you use for cleaning should be warm, but not hot. It is possible to clean the window without leaving streaks. Many experts think less is more. The use of only water and the fibre will produce results that are streak-free because there is nothing on the surface that may form streaks in the first place. It is not recommended to use rinse-off detergent from the dishwasher because even little amounts have the potential to irritate the skin. Over time, alcohol will leave a film on the glass that is bluish and oily. The paint on your window frames can peel if you use ammonia.

When cleaning the windows, you are required to use a clean glove or cloth at all times. If it is clogged with lint, filth, and dust, even the best window cleaner won't be effective. We strongly suggest using the Green Cleaning Glove to perform a preliminary cleaning on the window's frame and the area immediately surrounding it. Additionally, if you have difficult-to-clean security screens, this glove will perform a fantastic job. After soaking it in water, squeeze as much water out of it as possible, and then use it to remove the grime and dust from the window.

best window cleaner

When cleaning high windows, the telescopic extension handle that comes with the Ha-Ra® range can be quite helpful. The use of window squeegees of poor quality is the primary contributor to the appearance of streaks on the window. When you clean the windows, you should always use a firm window squeegee with a faultless rubber edge that easily glides over the pane without leaving streaks. This is the best approach to ensure that the windows are thoroughly cleaned.

Mistakes that are Often Made When Cleaning your Windows:

When an excessive amount of cleaning solution is used, an excessive amount of residue is left on the glass, which can cause streaking. If the water in the area has an excessive amount of calcium, using a little Kalkex will help avoid hard water stains on the glass. This is especially important to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning the screens of the shower.

If you have not previously removed any insects that may be stuck to the glass of your windows, cleaning them may be tough. When removed, the residues have the potential to be abrasive and leave stains. If you want your work to go as smoothly as possible, the first thing you need do is wipe the dust off the window using a Green Cleaning Glove.

Do not overlook the necessity of cleaning the window frames. Before you can move on to cleaning the glass, you have to clean the window frame first. Plastic frames have the potential to take in moisture and become brittle.

After each stroke, you need to make sure that your rubber lip is completely dry. After each stroke, it is recommended that you dry the blade. In general, when using the best window cleaner, make sure that the rubber is aligned properly and remains steady. In order to use the window cleaner effectively, you should move it in a straight line rather than in angled lines over the glass.

best window cleaner

The sun does have one benefit. It reveals spots that need to be repolished. On the other hand, one must not wait for the windows to dry before using the rubber blade. As a consequence of this, one must ensure that the sun does not shine directly on the glass. It is advisable to use fast strokes, and this is true regardless of whether the sun is out or not.

Steer wary of the newspaper trick because it has the potential to leave smudges and marks that are difficult to remove. Simply put a microfiber cloth of higher quality and the best window cleaner to the test and you won't look back.  be more appropriate to use.

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