Ideas for a Greener Holiday

Beautifully wrapped gifts, deliciously smelling cookies and a Christmas dinner with a pretty decorated Christmas tree. Things that we naturally associate with Christmas.

Who cares what happens to the huge amount of wrapping paper, the single use decorations and the many unloved gifts? Here are a few tips on how you can start a sustainable Christmas this year:

Self-made Advent Calendar
It doesn't always have to be a chocolate advent calendar. You can find many ideas on how to make Advent calendars yourself. You can use reusable paper bags or felt. This means you can reuse it every year and fill it individually to your liking.

Quality over Quantity 
Get an overview of the selection of Christmas trees and decorations available. A tree or decoration set made of good quality may endure a few years of use, while low-quality choices may only make it through one season. This is the same philosophy we follow when it comes to our cleaning product range. 

Homemade Christmas Gifts
There are no limits to creativity. Something homemade always has a wonderful personal touch and you might even discover a new hobby while doing some crafts, knitting or painting. This means you will also save on plastic packaging. 

Recyclable Gift Packaging
You can use old newspaper or kraft paper, which looks really good with a pretty folding technique. Some wrapping paper can also be recycled. Pay attention to the seals and try to avoid foil when it comes to wrapping presents. 

Christmas Decorations from Nature
Pine cones, small straw stars or wooden decorations look wonderful on the Christmas tree. There are also natural Christmas tree decorations available. In Germany these decorations are often made from renewable raw materials in workshops supporting people with disabilities.

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