In 2020 and 2021, Ha-Ra will have zero carbon emissions.

Climate change represents the greatest challenge facing mankind since the end of the Ice Age and is the defining task of our time.

Success in reducing emissions depends to a large extent on the voluntary and consistent action of the economy in the industrialised countries. Taking responsibility for the world that we leave to our children and grandchildren has always been part of Ha-Ra's company philosophy.

For this reason, we have had the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our activities recorded and offset by purchasing climate protection certificates for the years 2020 and 2021. With these certificates we support a hydropower project in Uganda, which was certified by CER under the sovereignty of the United Nations, and a forest reforestation project in Uruguay, which was certified under the authority of the Verified Carbon Standard.

We are of course continuing to work on meeting this responsibility, for example by avoiding packaging materials if possible and switching to recycled / recyclable packaging where packaging is indispensable.

Printed advertising is largely avoided and raw materials are almost exclusively procured regionally. On the basis of the determined values ​​and by purchasing a corresponding amount of climate certificates, we were made climate neutral.

Ha-Ra received the “climate-neutral company” award for offsetting greenhouse gases. This makes us one of the first companies in the industry to voluntarily offset its emissions in accordance with the “Clean Development Mechanism”. 

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