The most eco-friendly mop available

With improved sustainability programs, climate change and growing pollution issues it is time look at solutions that provide a quality to last and can be reused.

The sturdy high quality stainless steel handle from Ha-Ra is very durable. If you compare this floor cleaning system with a conventional plastic mop, the holder rotates in all directions including a stainless steel spring for easy foot release operation. The design provides the special S joint and makes it easy to use and glide over small and large surfaces.

The innovation from Ha-Ra are the amazing fibres which have been developed over the last years to absorb and clean surfaces ranging from macro, micro fibre and nano fibre.

The nano fibre floor pad is a thousand times finer than a micro fibre hence a better absorbing and cleaning mechanism. These floor pads have a very strong cleaning ability in the nano range with additional water storage.

It has a high degree of capillary action particularly recommended for smooth and shinny surface floors or tiles even timber.

The green Ha-Ra floor pad is exceptional value to absorb dirt in sand into the floor pad fabric.

Should I chose the 30 cm or 42cm floor system?
The smaller floor systems is almost faster than the 42 cm as it is lighter to maneuver and lighter on wrists and shoulders.

How to remove sand from a floors?
The Ha-Ra floor system will save using the vacuum cleaner to suck up sand. It is replaced with the Dry dusting Ha-Ra floor pad followed by the wet green floor pad to suck off the excess sand left behind. 

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