Ha-Ra is the hotel of choice for the famous Underground Motel in Coober Pedy.

When you plan your holidays would you be influenced in your choice of accommodation if you knew that they didn't use nasty chemicals to clean? 

The Underground Motel was the first underground motel to be built in Coober Pedy back in 1984, with all rooms being dug into a sandstone hill. Upgrading and renovating has created very comfortable rooms with a unique individual style sympathetic with the arid desert environment. The décor is very tasteful and reflects the owners’ care for detail. The standard rooms are accessed from the veranda through a beautifully tiled hallway; the suites are accessed straight from the outside, sheltered by their private veranda.

Over the last few years Ha-Ra has not only provided the equipment to keep these tiled areas in top condition, it will also save money for expensive refills in the long-run. It’s no secret, that the sustainable market is booming. Individuals and businesses are making more sustainable choices in 2019.

What is needed to clean a motel from top to bottom chemical-free? 

Most of our clients including accommodation providers haven't been able to find an All-In-One Floor Cleaning System to deal with chemical build up and sand, which is common in many properties around Austalia. The Ha-Ra Dry Yellow Floor Pad in combination with the Nano Hedghog Soft and Gold has been the perfect solution for theses issues. It does not only avoid the use of a vaccum cleaner it is much quicker to use for employees and works without the use of any chemicals. These two pads in combination with our Stainless Steel Floor System, a Pressbutler Bucket and our Multi Purpose Kit is all you need to start cleaning a motel or b&b chemical-free from top to bottom.

Would you like to experience this iconic outback accommodation with a difference for yourself? Book your stay via the Underground Motel website or call +61 88672 5324.

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