Cleansing technology developed by Ha-Ra ensures that medical devices remain in pristine condition.

Ha-Ra's unique fibre cleaning system eliminates the use of cleaning agents and collects the build-up and residue from the inside of the chamber, absorbing it into the fibres. The fibres also remove marks on stainless steel. All products are long lasting, with specially designed patented woven fibres that have been proven and tested not to drop lint and fibres from the piled fabric. Please note that the sterilisers must be turned off. The chamber should not be hotter than body temperature to avoid damage to the patented fibres. 

Ha-Ra provides a higher standard of cleaning using the fibre cleaning technology including gloves, cloths and floor pads to clean medical equipment by just adding water and a natural ph-neutral detergent. 

What are the main benefits of Ha-Ra? 

- It is a hypoallergenic product 
- Reduces 98% of cleaning chemicals 
- It is Preventative Health care substitute 
- Recommended for Asthma and bronchiole sufferers 
- Assists the immune system to fight against toxic chemicals
- It offers an unique quality and strong guarantee

Have the results been backed up by tests? 

The Ha-Ra fibre cleaning system has been used in various Hospitals to clean sterilisers as well as most of the stainless steel appliances within hospitals over the past years. Over the past 10 years Atherton has been using this system as a cleaning procedure to maintain sterilisers. Various tests have been completed by Bernhard Heath & Associates, Medvet Science Pty Ltd, Biotech Laboratories in line with Australian Health Standards. 

These tests conducted by Bernard Heath & Associates assessed the Ha - Ra fibres in relation to the reduction of micro - organisms on surfaces. The tests also found that the Ha-Ra cleaning technology reduced the number of micro-organisms to less than 10 cells per 10cm 2 . It also noted the products simplified the cleaning process which removes food particles at the same time as removing bacteria. There was very little ‘carry over’ from the cloths, indicating the organisms are trapped in the fibres and easily removed from the fibres by rinsing in water. 

Is this way of cleaning safe in the health industry? 

There is no need to use heavy duty detergent to clean the fibres. The cloths can either be rinsed in water alone, with Ha-Ra pH neutral detergent ‘Protective Formula’ or with the Ha-Ra alkaline Saponella washing powder made from the Saponella plant.

The products are designed to work together as a system: clean, pick up and polish! Ha-Ra meets the cleaning industry’s performance criteria. The technology has been implemented into hospitals, nursing homes and child care centres across Australia. We are on the forefront in research and development of new, quality products that fall well within the guidelines to pass as a legitimate sanitising process. 

Download the CSSD Hospital Cleaning Manual or send your enquiry or hospital purchase order to We are looking forward hearing from you. 

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