In a wide-ranging customer survey, ServiceValue and the daily newspaper DIE WELT examined the extent to which the product quality of companies inspires customers. Around 2,400 brands/companies from over 180 industries were evaluated and Germany's product champions 2022 were determined.

According to this study, Ha-Ra is not only the product champion (SILVER medal in the overall ranking of all companies), but also No. 1 in the “floor cleaning systems” and best mop sector. The study and the results were published in WELT and on

The ranking is based on the scientifically reliable “Product Benefit Score” (PBS). It is determined by customer survey and is a clear, understandable and efficient measuring instrument. The PBS, expressed as a percentage, serves as the basis for individual rankings sorted by industry, as well as for a cross-industry overall ranking.

Companies that achieve significantly above-average PBS are recognized with a Gold, Silver, or Bronze rank. Companies that demonstrate the highest Enthusiasm Score within their industry are recognized as #1 Industry Winners.

The Ha-Ra brand has become internationally successful with the best mop and other classics in the field of household cleaning and care: "Ha-Ra the Original".

Ha-Ra stands for environmentally friendly, effective and simple household cleaning, making people's lives easier and at the same time protecting people, animals and the environment. The Ha-Ra product range has been sensibly supplemented in recent years with "hara naturals". The high-quality natural and organic cosmetics line is a synergy of the latest research and precious natural ingredients from organic farming.

The rating and ranking agency ServiceValue, in cooperation with the magazine Focus-Money, examined which providers for everything to do with home and garden satisfy their customers to a particularly high degree. More than 106,000 consumer opinions on 876 companies from 64 sectors were obtained for the "All around the house" study.

The study was based on an online survey. Questions were asked about satisfaction with companies and providers from a wide variety of industries relating to the topics of house and garden. For the evaluation, the average of the votes cast for each company was calculated on a six-point approval scale. If the empirical mean value of a company was lower, i.e. better than the overall mean value of the respective industry, the company was given the "GOOD" rating. If the intrinsic value was also lower than the average of this above-average group, the company received the "VERY GOOD" award.

Trying to find the best mop and based on this study, only Ha-Ra and Vorwerk were awarded the rating "VERY GOOD" in the area of floor cleaning systems.

Ha-Ra GmbH also received the "Family-friendly company" certificate from the German IHK Saarland and the Saarland state government.

The company's family-friendly personnel policy is characterized by flexible working time models, consideration for employees with children or relatives in need of care and by interesting offers for returning to work after parental leave.

For Ha-Ra, the compatibility of family and work has always been of fundamental importance and is an important part of the Ha-Ra philosophy.

“The well-being of our employees is very important to us. Young employees want both – career and family. For them, family-friendliness is an important criterion when choosing an employer. Older employees often look after their dependent parents. As a company, we want to react appropriately to these wishes and needs. It is important to us to be family-friendly and therefore an attractive employer for our employees in the long term," says Markus Hölle, Managing Director of Ha-Ra GmbH.

The company has already established a family representative as a contact person for all topics relating to family and work and will offer workshops and lecture series on these topics at the same time.

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