The trend in bathroom has been glass for a while. Close glass showers, glass shower walls for the bathtub, glass shower doors, and glass shower walls for the shower all represent a better quality than plastic showers, particularly in small bathrooms.

But sadly, water and spots of limestone soon obstruct the clear view of a glass shower door. A glass bathtub is merely hygienic. Additionally, when cleaning the shower, you can make a lot of mistakes. With Ha-Ra, you'll get insightful advice on what to think about or skip when cleaning the glass shower.

How can I maintain a spotless shower? What's the easiest way to clean a glass shower? What can I use to get lime spots off glass?

Before you get cleaning you should know: Your cleaning time is greatly reduced by using a glass bathtub or shower door with a seal. Nowadays, coated or sealed glass makes up the majority of bathroom doors. Most glass panels are nano-sealed. The nano seal is a durable surface seal that effectively repels grime.

How can I make my bathroom have a lotus effect? The popular lotus effect is ensured by your coated glass shower door. However, if you find that your coating needs to be renewed, a professional can do so.

How can I maintain a spotless shower?

However, cleaning the glass shower should not be delayed for too long despite the nano coating. If you wait until the clear glass window is already covered in lime scale, even using the best cleaning products will require a lot of work and effort. When it comes to shower screen cleaners it is always best to maintain a clear surface, rather than trying to fix it when it's too late. 

Here are 3 extra steps to guarantee a daily glass shower or glass shower door that is consistently clean:

  • Put a window wiper in. After a shower, always use a squeegee with a rubber lip to wipe down the damp glass walls.
  • Clean the window. Keep an Ultra Glove or Ultra Cloth nearby. This fibre is great for a quick clean while you are in the shower, assuring the best results in the long run.
  • Polishing glass joins and walls. After the Ultra Fibre, use a soft fibre like the Star Polishing Cloth to polish the glass bathroom door or wall. This cloth is ideal to dry off the sealing features and seals as well to ensure their longevity.

With the help of these little suggestions, you can avoid using the pricey and glass-damaging chemical cleaners while also maintaining a consistently spotless glass shower.

Shower screen cleaner

What's the easiest way to clean a glass shower?

Have you already left the shower glass at home unattended? Never make the mistake of using cleaning products that contain caustic or chlorine. These ingredients can damage the glass shower or coating. We also do not recommend to use any motorised cleaners, as they can damage the glass. Use a ph neutral detergent to clean shower screen and entire bathroom. Your surfaces will thank you for it, for years to come.

These shower screen cleaners work well for dirt and mould that is coarser. Not only are fibres usable with water only, but they are also kind to your glass, without damaging the coating. If your joints are in a rough condition, consider the Blue Paste and apply with a toothbrush. Try to be careful when you are cleaning with a steam cleaner or with high temperatures as this could have an impact on your grout sealing.

What can I use to get lime spots off glass?

Glass shower doors reveal the unpleasant lime more than tiles or the shower curtain do. But how do you eliminate lime scale effectively? Soap scum and other difficult grime can be removed with a natural descaler called Kalkex. Shower walls, faucets, glass doors, sinks, baths, and stainless steel components can be sprayed with a diluted solution. 

This citric acid is a high-quality food grade quality that guarantees the efficient lime removal without harsh chemicals. Despite being a food, this cleaning product has the same strength as hard chemistry without having any adverse impacts on people or the ecosystem. According to the "Stiftung Warentest" and the University of Stuttgart's material testing, natural acidity appears to be just as efficient while being much more non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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