The Airbnb Cleaner's Toolkit: Raise Your Host Rating by Sprucing Up Your Place

Cleaning your Airbnb is no easy task, but a good job will be rewarded with a fabulous guest review. Regardless of whether you live there or you rent it out, you should keep the chemical-smell out and the sparkles in for anyone who wishes to use it. The cleaning chores below can be tackled with our All-in-One-Airbnb Kit:

The first step to cleaning your Airbnb is to open the windows and dust surfaces. This will remove odors left behind by previous guests. A proper ventilation will help to avoid mould and keep good air quality. If you have fly- or security screens make sure they are maintained for a good air-flow with the Green Glove. We recommend a ‘top-down’ approach, starting from the highest corner and finishing on the floor.

Many hosts forget to get rid of rubbish. Remove the trash from all bins in the kitchen and bathroom and clean them with the Green Glove in order to remove odors. If there is heavy build up, you can rub a tiny amount of the ph-neutral Protective Formula into the fibres of the Glove which will assist with its cleaning fuction.

Clean all surfaces of the kitchen with a damp Ultra Glove and follow up with a Star Polishing Cloth. Always remember a clean and dry surface can't grow any bacteria, this also counts for your fridge. Do not forget to wipe down other kitchen appliances such as the microwave, toaster and coffee machine with the Star Polishing Cloth. Even if guests don't cook - a clean kitchen is often the first impression.

The cleanliness of the bathroom is one of the biggest factors in getting a positive guest review on Airbnb. Remove stubborn soap scum from shower heads and windows with the Ultra Glove. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the glasses and mirrors where you can easily find toothpaste marks. The Dry Yellow Floor Pad will absorb all the hair that is left behind on smooth floors.

Vacuum carpets properly. Of course, you should change all linen and towels every time a new guest checks-in.

Your sustainable stainless steel mop will collect dust and grime from all smooth surfaces. Preclean with the Yellow Duster and follow up with the Damp Floor Pad.

Clean watermarks and fingerprints from metallic surfaces with the Star Polishing Cloth. If you have metallic surfaces, mirrors or glass around the apartment, make sure to check and wipe those regularly – it’s never nice to see watermarks or fingerprints on these surfaces. We have been managing Holiday apartments and Airbnb's ourselves for many years. These cleaning tasks should not take you longer than 30-45 minutes. Ha-Ra's high-quality cleaning equipment will last for many bookings to come and you will be rewarded with a raving guest review, that doesn't mention any comments about a harmful bleach and chemical-smell.

Ha-Ra Australia