W&S Security Doors & Screens Adelaide now carries the Ha-Ra Green Glove for Security Screens.

W&S Security Doors & Screens is a South Australian owned and operated family business with more than 30 years experience in the industry. Their products are manufactured on demand to suit the exact needs and specifications of each installation using nothing less than the highest quality materials from insect mesh to locking mechanisms.

Cleaning your door frames, runners and tracks of droppings, cobwebs, dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the Ha-Ra Green Glove. Just damp it with some water and wipe the surfaces. The Glove protects your fingers so you can get in the grooves and tracks. Be reassured that doors and surfaces stay cleaner for longer when no chemicals are smeared on to them. 

The staff at W&S Security Doors & Screens Adelaide is highly trained in the manufacturing and installation process having the skill set required to go further than just installation of the door ensuring that your product is installed and cleaned as best possible.

Explore the product range online www.ws-security.com.au or contact them for a free quote. 

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