Solar Panel Maintenance for the Spring

The sun is shining, and the solar panels are doing their best work. Help them out to improve their productivity. Clean your solar panels easy and quickly. Remove grease and dirt in no-time and let the sun shine. 

You can use the Green Glove or the Green Floor Pad with the Extension Handle to clean your Solar Panels. 

We don’t recommend to use chemicals on your Solar Panels. All you need is water and the powerful fibres! Simply soak the fibres in water and attach the Floor Pad to the Floor System. The dirtier your surfaces, the more water you will need. Move the Floor Pad over the solar panels to absorb dust and dirt like a magnet. If the floor pad is full of dirt and dust, rinse it under running water so it can absorb more dirt and dust. You might want to consider our Pressbutler Squeeze bucket, so you don’t have to wring the pads by hand. 

Ha-Ra Australia