Ha-Ra to be adopted by a Premium Property Management Firm.

Would you be influenced in your choice of property management options if you knew that they didn't use nasty chemicals to clean your home or apartment? Aspire Property Management are the holiday booking specialists and rental market experts on the Sunshine Coast and manage a portfolio worth over $230 million. Their properties range in value from $400k to $6 million and are in safe hands with their experienced team and the help of Ha-Ra's chemical-free and sustainble cleaning supplies. 

The new cleaning approach is not just environmentally friendly as part of the sustainable EcoTourism in Australia - it is predominantly safe for guests, employees and owners to provide value-added service.

Aspire Property Management's goal is to give owners confidence that they are receiving genuine service and advice that reflects what they are actually paying for in a property manager.

What benefits can Ha-Ra provide for Property Management Businesses? 

1. Assessment of the properties to recommend suitable chemical-free cleaning kits. 
2. Recruitment of cleaners who are trained using Ha-Ra’s chemical-free cleaning range. 
3. A chemical-free and environmentally-friendly cleaning service for all properties with reliable inhouse-cleaners. 
4. Maintainance of the properties in a safe and environmentally-friendly approach with the right equipment and care. 
5. Ha-Ra can save 95% of cleaning chemicals & equipment.
6. Ha-Ra's unique commercial quality surpasses any lookalikes on the market.
7. Ha-Ra carries a strong 3-part guarantee.
8. The standards of hygiene required has been proven with the use in infection control environments and hospitals and theatres.

One of the main reasons Aspire Property Management contacted us, was due to guest comments mentioning a smeary floor condition in combination with sand. Aspire Property Management could not find a floor cleaning system for non slip floors to deal with build up and the sand, which is common in many holiday properties by the beach.

The Ha-Ra Dry Yellow Floor Pad in combination with the Nano Hedghog Soft and Gold has been the perfect solution for theses issues. It does not only avoid the use of a vaccum cleaner it is much quicker to use for employees and works without the use of any chemicals.

Request our information kit for property managament cleaning solutions here or have a chat to us how we can assist you with our environmentally-friendly and commercial-grade cleaning supplies.

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