Cleaning on your own in the Daintree Rainforest with Ha Ra

Marion Esser is running a beautiful B&B in the Daintree Rainforest. She is committed and passionate about promoting environmental sustainability and encouraging behaviours that minimise a negative impact on the environment. In this blog article she will tell us how she is keeping her house spotless without using chemicals and how she was able to save money over the years while using Ha-Ra®. 

"6 years ago I was presented with a Ha-Ra® kit form a good friend, who had stayed with us and thought we needed ‘help’. Feeling indebted I persevered for 3 months. Good job I did. Initially all seemed to be as before. We live in the Daintree Rainforest in a timber house, which is usually open all around for breezes, lots of timber doors and furniture, which tends to go white = mould during wet weather. I used to resign myself to ‘just’ wiping everything down, sometimes every week. Running a B&B makes you clean thoroughly all the time.

Everyone has their special treatment for this: clove oil, eucalyptus, tea tree, vinegar, chlorine, bleach, …well nothing actually works long term. 

So, after several weeks of doing my usual routine, with my new Ha-Ra® kit, I noticed certain tasks were not necessary: the doors stayed clean, the chairs didn’t attract those pesky little spiders, and mould didn’t seem to appear on ceilings as if by magic, the showers didn’t have the usual buildup of soap and so on. 

I use the Dusting Floor Pad to whip over the ceilings, walls, doors every so often, do a wet application  2-3 times a year, The timber floors stay nice and shiny. The insect screens need dusting sometimes and maybe 2x year a big wash down, but really: I clean a lot less with much better results. We have no shortage of water.

Ha-Ra® is expensive to start with however long-term I believe I saved hundreds of dollars in cleaning cloths and chemicals. We are totally self-sufficient here, and a septic toilet system is very ‘sensitive’ to certain chemicals, with Ha-Ra® I don’t have to worry. 

And this says it all:

Guest comment from last week: “The B&B is very cosy and so clean, that one has the impression everything is brand new.”

Would you like to find out more about the Daintree Forest and Marion's cosy homestay? Visit her website 

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