Save up to 48% on our all-natural detergent when you refill instead of discard.

Did you know you can refill our 500ml & Rollfix Protective Formula bottles? Our 10l container was invented for commercial purposes but its gaining popularity in domestic households as you save 48% compared to the 500ml bottles. 

The ph-neutral, biodegradable, natural detergent called Protective Formula has been developed to enhance the effectiveness of Ha-Ra fibre cleaning products while protecting the cleaned surfaces as well as your skin. 

1. One of the most versatile natural cleaning products in the world 
2. Gained popularity over 30 years 
3. 100% natural ingredients and fragrances
4. 99% biodegradable 
5. Ph-neutral and preservative-free
6. Skin-protection ingredients (glycerine) 
7. Extremely environmentally friendly
8. Eliminates the need for any other cleaning detergents 
9. Only a very small amount can be applied with the Rollfix bottle 
10. Makes up to 7,000 cleaning buckets per bottle

With Ha-Ra® you need only 2-5% of what you would use with other cleaning products, causing less stress on the environment than other leading cleaning products. Using Ha-Ra products exclusively, your family will only need 1-2 bottles of Protective Formula per year, totally removing the need for other chemicals and surfactants. 

Produced from raw materials 99% bio-degradable 

  • Nitrate-and phosphate-free 
  • Preservative-free 
  • PH neutral 
  • Natural fragrances 
  • 10-20% anionic surfactants 
  • 5-10% biological solvents 
  • 5-10% skin-protection ingredients (glycerine) 
  • 1-5% starches 

How to use 
The Protective Formula is extremely environmentally friendly: use only one drop per 2L of water, or 2-3 drops per 5L of water.

Where to use
Recommended for cleaning and optimal maintenance of Ha-Ra® Australia Pty Ltd fibres. It can be used in pre-washing stains on clothes, wool, silk or hand washing - wash at 30 degrees. You can also use it as a mild detergent for all household cleaning, windows and car cleaning and it aids in stain removal on carpet or upholstery. You can even put two drops with water in your vase to keep your flowers for longer.  


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