Domestic life on California's Sunshine Coast

A safe & healthy home from inside & outside!

We formed a strong partnership with Homemakers Lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast and put our hands together to promote sustainable & safe lifestyle solutions for your entire home. Larry and his team have recommended the Ha-Ra® product range over the past years to provide a chemical-free option to clean security screens, blinds, awnings and shutters. Together we would like to provide outstanding customer service to maintain your home from inside & outside without any chemicals. 



Homemakers Lifestyle has the widest range of products in the Window Covering Industry on the Sunshine Coast and they know how to maintain different products & surfaces accordingly. The Ha-Ra® fibre cleaning technology consists of a range of professional special-fibres, micro-fibres & nano-fibres. It is the combination of the high-quality fibres which guarantees optimum results of Gloves, Floorpads (for any surface) or Window Cleaners and various add-ons for commercial and domestic use.

Cleaning your window frames, runners and tracks of droppings, cobwebs, dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the Green Glove. Just damp it with some water and wipe the surfaces. The Glove protects your fingers so you can get in the grooves and tracks. Be reassured that windows and surfaces stay cleaner for longer when no chemicals are smeared on to them. To prevent salt built-up you could use the Carnauba Natural Care. It prevents dirt from sticking to security screens and surfaces, making it easier to clean each time you use it. 
Carnauba Natural Care is a 100% biodegradable wax containing no solvents, is self-drying and leaves a matte satin sheen after use. 

We are pleased Homemakers Lifestyle joined our GREEN MISSION. Larry and his professional team will bring your dreams and expectations into fruition - combining the latest European influenced products and designs with a environmentally friendly approach while providing outstanding customer service. 

Explore the Homemakers product range online or at their local Showroom in Maroochydore and watch the video interview with Larry on our Youtube Channel. 

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