The Telescopic Handle Window Cleaner and How to Use It

With the chemical-free Ha-Ra® Window Cleaning System you can clean windows faster and better than a professional with minimal effort. The Telescopic Handle helps to reach high up to clean windows from the outside. You will also find this very water efficient, making it perfect for use in locations where water restrictions are in place. 

Simply wet the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner and apply 2 or 3 drops of Protective Formula. Rub this in and, holding the Cleaner at an angle, squeeze to remove any excess water. Wipe over the surface with the fibre part to clean. Wipe the rubber blade dry. Starting from the top right, squidgie off excess water from the surface using the rubber blade: hold the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner at a slight angle (left up, right down) so excess water runs up the rubber blade. When you get to bottom of window, wipe the rubber blade dry and repeat. Remove any remaining streaks using a Ha-Ra® Brilliant Polishing Cloth. Do you have hard-to-reach Windows you need to clean from the outside? 

Use the Ha-Ra® Telescopic Handle to reach high windows, walls or awkward angles with the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner. The handle is extendable and available in: 1m (adjustable from 0.5 m to 1m) 2m (adjustable from 1m to 2m) 3m (adjustable from 1.5 m to 3.0 m). Simply loosen the wing nut to allow the attachment of a Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner, then retighten to lock in place. To extend the length of the handle flip the clasp off, extend and then place the clasp back. 

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