How do I get rid of limescale? How about the all-natural Ha-Ra Kalkex?

It is possible to scrub off limescale deposits only with water. However, the minerals involved are very hard, so you could damage the finish of the material underneath while scraping them off. Luckily, calcium carbonate is easily dissolved with our natural Kalkex, which makes that job not only easy it's also an environmentally-friendly solution which saves time and is gentle to your surfaces. 

Ha-Ra® Kalkex is a natural descaler and is made from 100% natural citric acid developed in a complex process from natural raw materials. Compared to other descalers that contain vinegar, it is odourless, 100% biodegradable, dissolves easily and completely in water and is 100% concentrated. It's ideal for descaling tapware, showers, tiles, appliances or toilets and removes calcium deposits from pool walls and sanitary areas. 

The Hans Raab Kalkex is refillable with 250g and 1kg package sizes. You can use a glass spray bottle to dissolve only a small amount for an easy use on large areas e.g shower screens or tiles. 




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