Do the chemicals in bathroom cleaners pose any health risks?

There has been a big movement over the last few years to raise consumer awareness about the ingredients in the things we consume. Be it food or skincare many people are now reading the ingredients list on not only what they put in their mouth but also on their skin. Each week new research comes out about questionable ingredients in processed foods and skincare and the effect that these ingredients can have on our health.

What about the chemicals that people use to clean their home though? If you are still using chemicals to clean your home when was the last time you looked for the ingredients on the label? Well if you have you won't find any as it is not a legal requirement for them to be listed. You will however find warnings about breathing in the fumes, wearing gloves and breathing protection and that vomiting should be induced if the product is ingested. The frightening thing is however that by using these chemicals around the home a residue is left behind after cleaning that can still be breathed from the fumes that are given off or absorbed through the skin when a surface is touched. 

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