A voucher for $50 to Ha-Ra has been prepared for you.

Are you keen to see Ha-Ra's advanced technology in action?
Book a demonstration on the Sunshine Coast with us! 

If you host a demonstration with 3 guests on the Sunshine Coast, you will receive a $50 voucher, which can be redeemed at your own demonstration during 2022. 

Terms & Conditions apply! 

  • The offer is for the Sunshine Coast only 
  • The host of the demonstration will receive a $50 Ha-Ra product voucher from Bindy on the day to redeem on their purchase 
  • The minimum order volume to redeem the voucher is $200
  • The voucher is not valid online and can only be used on the day of the demonstration with Bindy 
  • All guests will also receive a $50 voucher on the day which they can redeem at their own demonstration (same conditions apply) 
  • There is a minimum of 3 guests required to redeem the voucher 
You can book your preferred date and time here or call 1300 361 272. 
Ha-Ra Australia