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Fabric for Polishing Stars
Polishing Cloth
Fabric for Polishing Stars
Fabric for Polishing Stars
Fabric for Polishing Stars
Fabric for Polishing Stars

Star Polishing Cloth (large)

GST included.
  • red stitching
  • blue stitching
  • white cloth/brown stitching

Cloth for Polishing Glass and Mirrors

Super-absorbent cleaning and polishing is achieved with the Star Polishing Cloth. It works like a chamois, used dry or damp on smooth surfaces, and delivers a streak-free and smooth finish. The Star Polishing Cloth is great to spot clean glass doors, mirrors and all lightly soiled surfaces. Even stainless steel. 

  • All-rounder cloth for surface cleaning
  • Suitable for cleaning almost all surfaces and have outstanding cleaning power
  • High water absorption and dry without leaving streaks
  • Ideal for shiny surfaces including glass and mirrors 
  • Recommended in combination with our Window Cleaner to dry-off the rubber blade 

75 % Polyester / 25 % Polyamid

40 x 40 cm 

How to use
Lightly dampen and wipe in an s-shape over the surface, if the surface is already wet, dampening is not required.

Where to use
Use the Star Polishing Cloth to clean the kitchen, cabinets, ceramic hobs, ovens, refrigerators, stainless steel, work surfaces, bathrooms, bathtubs, faucets, mirrors, shower screens, sinks and tiles. You can choose a blue & red stitching to keep cloths for Bathroom and the Kitchen separate. Please make a note in the comment box at the check-out if you would like to receive a specific colour.

Suitable for all light to heavy soiling on almost all surfaces. DEKRA reports confirm: ideally suited for use on high-gloss surfaces and TV screens as well as oiled and varnished wooden furniture. 

In order to use the entire surface of the cleaning cloth for cleaning and to prevent surfaces that have already been cleaned from getting dirty again, fold the damp Star cloth twice so that eight cloth surfaces of the same size are created, which can be used one after the other for cleaning surfaces.

The microfiber mixture of the Star Polishing cloth has outstanding cleaning power and particularly high absorbency. The Star cloth can be used like a leather cloth, but is more versatile and easier to handle and care for when used in the household or for car cleaning. Due to the streak-free drying, it has proven itself particularly well when cleaning glass surfaces and mirrors. The streak-free cleaning results will inspire you!

Client Reviews: 
"I had no idea how different such cleaning cloths can be! I'm always fascinated by the fact that this cloth absorbs all the fluff and dirt, while with all other cloths you just move the fluff from A to B. If I clean, then with these cloths!" - Gregory Mayr via Amazon Germany

"I don't know of any cloth that cleans mirrors and glass surfaces without leaving any residue like Ha-Ra. It lasts a long time and washes out easily. The price is a bit higher, but it pays off in the long run!" - Reinhard via Amazon Germany

"Quality as always good. With the cloths, it works that mirrors are quickly and easily cleaned without streaks. I'm thrilled and have already ordered these cloths for the 2nd time." - MMI via Amazon Germany

"Once HaRa always HaRa. The best MF cloths out there. Streak-free, easy to use, fast. An investment that pays off!" - Morpheus via Amazon Germany

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