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Towel for Dusting

Hedgehog Cleaning Cloth

GST included.

Hedgehog-Shape Washcloth

The Hedgehog Cleaning Cloth features about 18 million nanofibres, which means you can tackle the dirty surfaces in the kitchen or the bathroom. The blue side is designed to tear through the dirt, while the white side dries.

The Hedgehog side loosens the grime (as the Ultra Glove) the smooth side collects and absorbs the grime (like the Natura Glove). Use the Polishing Cloth to go for a perfect finish on shiny surfaces. For calcium build up we recommend Kalkex and for heavily suited grout we recommend the Blue Paste. 

  • High-tech cloth for almost all cleaning jobs
  • The Hedgehog side tears up dirt
  • The white PUR side seals it in and is ideal for wiping without leaving streaks
  • Enormous water absorption and the most efficient cleaning result
  • Handmade in Germany - each piece is unique

Top: 100% polyester, pile height 6mm.
Bottom: 100% polyester, tightly woven, pile height 8mm. 

How to use
Run the cloth under water and then wring out thoroughly, wipe down surface with an s-motion using the prickly side first to loosen bacteria and dirt, then turn it over and use the white side to collect the loosened dirt. For very dirty/greasy surfaces use the Hedgehog Cloth with a little Protective Formula.

Where to use
The Hedgehog Cloth is perfect for cleaning the kitchen, cook tops, ovens, pots, sinks, stainless steel, surfaces, utensils and also dirty tile grout. Suitable for use on all surfaces throughout the home. The side with the blue IGEL bristles loosens even stubborn dirt, the pure white PUR side is ideal for wiping or cleaning sensitive surfaces.

The one-of-a-kind mechanical microfiber cleaning system developed by Ha-Ra eliminates the need for over 98% of cleaning agents and collects the buildup and residue left behind on surfaces. It does this by absorbing the grime into the fabric, rather than spreading it out and making it harder to remove. Ha-Ra's chemical free cleaning products have a long lifespan, with carefully designed and patented woven fibres that have been demonstrated and tested to not shed lint and to not leave any residue that germs can grow on. Please be aware that these fibres need to be washed in a washing machine regularly, and they should not be left soaking in water or laying around damp. Doing either of these things will encourage the growth of bacteria. 

The Ha-Ra Nano-Hedgehog fibre has a combination of a consistently unique, monofilament blue and white structure and therefore a particularly intensive cleaning power. With its up to 18 million individual fibres, it has a special task: the blue fibers tear up the coarse dirt, the white ones absorb it. Drying is not necessary! For dry cleaning, the Ha-Ra Nano-Hedgehog fibre can be used on almost all surfaces. For wet cleaning and wet basic cleaning, it is often used on sandstone, tiles, granite, marble, fine stone, PVC and similar materials, here in combination the ph-neutral detergent. It can be used in kitchens (sinks, pots, stainless steel parts; clean ceramic hob and oven with the Blue Cleaning Paste (if necessary) and bathrooms (tiles, dirty joints). 

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