ERA Telescopic Universal Cleaning Handle


Introducing a revolutionary era in cleaning! ERA embodies the essence of aesthetic design, sustainability, and unparalleled durability, while setting new benchmarks in functionality (with 4 pending patents).

With the inclusion of an ERA telescopic handle (1.14 m - 1.70 m) and the adapter, tackling high windows becomes effortlessly simple.

How to use:
Our telescopic handle, paired with the corresponding adapter, is perfectly suited for seamless integration with the window cleaner. Crafted for versatility, our telescopic handles boast adjustable lengths, while the adapter offers infinite adjustment for cleaning angles (up to 180°). Constructed from lightweight yet durable non-slip aluminium tubing, they ensure both ease of handling and maximum sturdiness. With a non-slip grip for added security, these handles are continuously adjustable between 1.14 m and 1.70 m, with the option for additional 0.93m extensions. Proudly crafted in Germany, each handle is meticulously handmade at our Saarland factory, guaranteeing quality and reliability.