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Crystal Cleaning Cloth

Crystal Cleaning Cloth Applications

The Crystal Cloth will do many jobs it is as large as a tea towel 67 x 50 cm. The fibres specifically woven so they will catch and attract fine dust particles and not leave any lint behind. It super-absorbent cloth dries fast leaving nothing but a shine.

Use the Crystal Cloth to dry-off after bringing the dirt to the surface with one of our Cleaning Gloves: 

  • Remove light finger marks on doors windows and mirrors
  • Clean glass table tops either damp or dry
  • Clean and polish wine glasses
  • Clean kitchen two pack cupboards

How to use
Use this large piece of material dry and wipe in an 's' motion for addresses spots on glass and glass cabinets, shining up wine glasses or crystal, removing finger prints and smudges on two pack.

Where to use
Achieve streak-free cleaning on glass table tops, glass surfaces, glass display cabinets, crystal, tableware, all stainless steel surfaces, e.g. refrigerators, sinks, lacquered surfaces, polished work surfaces, granite surfaces.

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Crystal Cleaning Cloth Applications