The most effective microfiber cleaning cloth attracts dust and dirt like a magnet. The material has a very little positive charge, which means that it attracts negatively charged gunk, such as dust and filth, making them an excellent alternative to cleaning treatments that need the use of chemicals. Because microfibers are so very small, measuring roughly 1/100th of the diameter of a strand of hair, cleaning cloths made from them may be used to wipe down the sensitive surfaces of electronics, spectacles, and automobile exteriors without harming those surfaces. It can be challenging to choose the best Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit due to the many different option and brands available. In order to select the best Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit for your needs, it is necessary to do a more in-depth investigation into the essential aspects that are responsible for the quality and durability of the cleaning system.

Different areas in a home require different weaves and fibre structures, so it might be challenging to select only one cleaning cloth for all cleaning purposes. The Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit designed by Ha-Ra will give you various options for cleaning any surface in your home, from the stainless steel in your refrigerator to the glass in your windows. Every piece of fabric has a patented weave that is especially designed for different cleaning tasks and surfaces.

The Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit includes a different microfibres in form of cleaning cloths and gloves with a window cleaning device. Each cleaning product is designed for a certain use, ranging from cleaning to polishing. For instance, the Window Cleaner features a scrubbing fibre and rubber to leave your mirrors and glass surfaces streak-free. The Star Polishing Cloth has very fine loops in its design with helps to achieve the best results. The quality of the Ha-Ra products has been tested commercially over 50 years, which means you won't need to buy replacements any time soon.

So let’s have a look at the individual items and their purpose in this Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit:

  • Cleaning Crate - to hold all items in one place  32 cm Window Cleaner - to clean glass and mirrors streak-free 
  • Dish Cleaning Cloth - a double-sided little scrubbing cloth ideal for dishes  Green Cleaning Glove - one of our bestsellers, the dirt buster for outdoor and screens 
  • Ultra Cleaning Glove - the best cleaning glove for grease and grime e.g. bathroom and kitchen
  • Star Polishing Cloth - leaving nothing but a shine behind. This cloth works in combination with the window cleaner 
  • Protective Formula 500 ml - a highly concentrated and ph neutral detergent when it comes to very greasy surfaces 
  • Protective Formula Rollfix empty - this is a small roll-on bottle so you only use a very small amount on your fibres

When it comes to cleaning a variety of surfaces in the kitchen, the double-sided Dish Cloth and Ultra Glove come in handy. These surfaces include the worktops, cabinet faces, sinks, and appliances. If you would like to get the full range of Kitchen Cleaning items, that you may consider Ha-Ra’s Kitchen Cleaning Kit, which has all the bestsellers to clean areas where food is stored and prepared.

All cloths of the Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit can be washed in a machine without fabric softener. If you follow these directions, you should be able to wash the cloths up to 500 times before they wear out. Although the Dish Cloth is mostly used for dishes due to it’s anti-bacterial finish and fine bridles  commercial cleaners also use this cloth in office settings to clean keyboards, bathroom sinks and drains.

Which products are recommended to pair with the Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit?
Limescale is an unattractive chemical coating that frequently takes place in regions where the water is harsh. It encourages the growth of bacteria and can impair the operation of faucets and fittings, so reducing the amount of time they can be used before needing to be replaced. If you have a lot of build-up you may require a little help of Kalkex Natural Descaler which is safe for the environment, does not pollute it, and does not cause corrosion. Limescale deposits can be removed off shower doors, faucets and sinks, tiles, plastics, metals, and glass by using this product in both your kitchen and bathroom. Apply the spray on the limescale stains, and then let it soak for five to ten minutes. After that, wash off with water and a microfibre cloth. Please keep in mind, that if your surface has been damaged by chemicals previously you may find it difficult to remove hard water deposits as they sit deep down in the indentations that have been created due to the use of chemicals. If the damage is already done by harsh chemicals, you may not be able to clean the limescale off your surface. Therefore it is better to maintain areas with hard water deposits with Kalkex Natural Descaler regularly to avoid damaging the surfaces with harsh bathroom cleaning chemicals.

A natural cleaning and care treatment for wooden surfaces is the Carnauba Natural Care Floor Care Balm. It can be used from time to time and is mopping additive designed to clean and maintain floors. Carnauba Natural Care Floor Care Balm leaves a thin replenishing, protective layer on the surface, without making the surface slippery. It is ideal for cleaning of waxed and oiled surfaces, flooring, panelling, ceiling lining, doors, furniture, countertops and laminate, as well as lacquered parquet and cork surfaces. The Carnauba Natural Care Floor Care Balm meets all Australian and German regulations on cleaning liquids and is safe for humans, animals and plants after drying.

The Leather Balm is handcrafted using a nourishing mixture natural beeswax to make the ideal leather conditioner for our harsh environment and everything that we subject our leather to. The Ha-Ra Leather Balm can be used on footwear, furniture, luggage, saddlery, and harness to maintain the leather's suppleness and softness. Before proceeding to clean and maintain the leather, ensure that any dirt has been removed and that it has been cleaned with a microfibre cloth. Use the leather cloth to apply a tiny amount of leather conditioning balm to the surface of the leather. Just a little bit can go a very long way. When working the Leather Balm into the leather, be sure to pay close attention to the places where the stitching is located. After letting it soak in, rub it dry. 

Saponella Natural Washing Powder is a hypoallergenic, biodegradable washing detergent designed specifically for individuals who suffer from sensitive skin or other skin sensitivities. The majority of laundry products sold in supermarkets contain chemical irritants, fillers, and synthetic scents and perfumes, all of which have the potential to aggravate the skin, eyes, and respiratory tracts of consumers. Saponella Natural Washing Powder is a gentle yet effective concentrated washing powder. It does not contain any harmful additives, perfumes, oils, additional bulkers, or fillers. It offers a brighter, whiter wash because to the combination of high-quality ingredients that it includes. It is also recommended to use in combination with the fibres to retain their long life span. When treating stains that are very difficult to remove, this product can be combined with the ph neutral detergent.