Regular floor cleaning is a must, especially when pets or children bring dirt in from the outside. Then you need one of the best floor cleaning pads that actually absorb dirt and grime. Ha-Ra’s Floor System was awarded one of the best cleaning mops in Germany as it is made entirely of metal and is therefore of very high quality. It's easy to assemble and you don't have to be afraid of putting too much pressure on the pivot.

Ha-Ra floor cleaning pads are characterised by their outstanding quality and unique environmental compatibility. Many years of research and development have gone into Ha-Ra's individual products, as the highest requirements are placed on the functionality and handling of the these commercial grade floor cleaning pads. If you choose a Ha-Ra floor cleaning pad, you can be sure that you will get the best possible support for your cleaning system.

Ha-Ra is a brand that is known from the professional sector and should therefore be familiar to only a few private households. Many only know brands that use plastic for the mop heads and handles. These products can become porous and break over the years. Plastic models are not that expensive to buy, so you will replace the floor pads and floor mops more frequently, which will result in more plastic ending up in landfill. The handle of the Ha-Ra floor cleaning mop, on the other hand, is made of aluminium and the floor piece is made of stainless steel. The handle at the upper end of the handle is rubberized and will not slip away even with wet hands. The ribbed profile of the 135 cm long handle has the same effect. If you put your foot on the foot switch, the mop plate can be folded and the mop cover can be clamped. Both pressing the switch up and down is very sturdy. However, that also means that the folding holder does not open by itself if you accidentally step on the switch. The handle is attached to the mop plate with a wing head screw. This means that the connection can also be released without tools. The swivel joint of the mop plate allows you to rotate 360 degrees.

The floor cleaning pads, which you have to buy separately, can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees - but as usual without fabric softener. The tabs into which the wiper plate is inserted are reinforced with a kind of tarpaulin. This should definitely prevent material fatigue. The floor piece width is available in 30 and 42 centimeters.

As with many products made in Germany, you pay for quality. However, if you don’t have to replace your stainless steel mop or floor pads for a few years, it is not really a lot of money that you spend on a best floor cleaning mop.

So, if you've always been looking for a durable, high-quality stainless steel floor mop, you've most likely found what you're looking for with the Ha-Ra Floor Express. The high-quality workmanship and the choice of materials for your individual surfaces guarantee long-lasting cleaning pleasure. That's why this system was awarded with full marks in most quality categories. People who tested the system domestically or commercially always think it’s worth the money.

In order to achieve optimal cleaning results, the following floor cleaning pads can be used together with the Hara Floor Express, depending on the floor covering and purpose:

  1. Floor Cleaning Pad Dry Dusting - ideal for pre-cleaning and dusting
  2. Floor Cleaning Pad Mach 6 - ideal for all smooth surfaces including wooden floors and timber boards
  3. Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Soft - ideal for all tiled surfaces as it comes with fine bristles to also clean the grout
  4. Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Gold - this is the commercial version of the Soft version as it has even more bristles to clean
  5. Floor Cleaning Pad Green - ideal for all outdoor areas

When you start cleaning your surfaces with the Ha-Ra floor cleaning pads, start with the Floor Cleaning Pad Dry Dusting to dust, remove pet hair, and provide a general sweep of the main floor areas. This will remove all surface debris and prepare the floor for the next cleaning step. You can easily clean all of your kickboards and skirting boards by using the Floor Cleaning Pad Dry Dusting, which requires only a quick turn of the stainless steel floor mop. Sometimes people forget about this step. If your surface is not pre-cleaned and you skip this step using the ph neutral floor cleaner and damp floor pads first, you may experience streaks as the dust and grime on the floor is not properly removed.

It is important to decide which floor cleaning pad is most suitable for your surface. Select the Floor Cleaning Pad Mach 6 when you clean wooden floors or timber. If you would like to clean tiles, opt in for the Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Soft or Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Gold. Use these floor cleaning pads with a small amount of water to thoroughly clean smooth tiled floors, bamboo, marble, lino, travertine, concrete, or slate. When working on wooden floors, use the Floor Cleaning Pad Mach 6. Keep in mind that the fibres to the cleaning of your surface. You can use some of the ph neutral floor cleaner, but this is optional. Often this is only necessary when your floors are very greasy for example in your kitchen. Otherwise the fibres itself perform all the cleaning.

The difference between the Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Soft and the Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Gold is that the fine bristles of the Gold version also run through the middle part of the pad, which has been very successful for commercial use. The Floor Cleaning Pad Hedgehog Soft on the other hand is very popular for domestic households as it has the absorbing Nano-Fibre structure in the middle and strongly absorbs any residue that has been loosened by the bristles on the side.

When it comes to cleaning outdoor areas, the Floor Cleaning Pad Green is the recommended choice. It is also available as a Glove and very popular to clean security screens. The floor pad itself absorbs fine sand, dust and dirt from decks, porches or outdoor tiles. The Floor Cleaning Pad Green is very popular with accommodation providers such as BIG 4 Holiday Parks. 

It is not necessary to use a bucket in combination with Ha-Ra fibres, but the Squeeze bucket on wheels washes and squeezes the floor cleaning pads for you, making sure they hold the right amount of water to get the best cleaning results. You can give your hardwood, bamboo, vinyl, and other types of flooring nourishment for a longer life by adding a few drops of Carnauba Natural Care floor wax to the water when you clean your floors. This will leave your floors with a shiny finish without any residue. All flooring kinds are compatible with this product. You have probably observed that none of these processes or advice require the use of harsh chemicals in any kind, including no bleach and no detergent. They are simply not required when it comes to cleaning your floors.

What sets the Ha-Ra fibres apart from other types of fibres?
The implementation of cutting-edge microfiber technology represents a significant step forwards in the development of cleaning tools and procedures. Items for cleaning that make use of microfiber technology are durable, highly resistant to ripping and snagging, and lint production is kept to an absolute minimum in these products (shedding fibres). Additional advantages accrue from the use of microfiber technology in the production of cleaning solutions, including the following:

  • lessen the requirement for the use of cleaning agents
  • enhance the areas that have been cleaned so that they look better
  • bring down the overall infection rate
  • cut down on the total number of hours needed for cleaning

Microfibres from Ha-Ra make cleaning a breeze, don't leave a residue, and are kind to the environment. Products made of microfibres almost never call for the application of any kind of chemical. One way to think of it is as having a "magnetic pull" to the grime and dust around it. Products made from microfibres are exceptionally gentle and won't scratch any surface, but they are also quite resilient and effective at removing grime and dust. Dust, pollen, mites, filth, grease, and bacteria will be lifted and captured by the fibres as they move through the air. Dust, which has a positive charge, will adhere to the dry mop or duster due to the static force.

Here are the three primary reasons why Ha-Ra has been able to outlive its rivals for so many years. The combination of microscopic polyester and polyimide fibres that are split in such a manner as to generate microscopic hooks that act as claws that scrape up and hold dust, dirt, and grime is the secret behind Ha-Ra. These hooks are split in such a way as to create Ha-Ra. Because of the following facts, the commercially used fibres produced by Ha-Ra are also one of a kind in terms of their quality:

The proportions of the mixture are the first fact. Because Ha-Ra contains more polyamide of a higher quality and less polyester than other manufacturers, the product has a longer lifespan. A high fibre density throughout the material. The enhanced cleaning power is a direct result of this substance's higher density. (A typical fabric only has 50,000 fibres per square inch, whereas Ha-Ra has 221,000 fibres per square inch). The surface treatment of the fabric is the third fact. The ends of the fibres in the fabric can be firmly hooked, feathered, or delicately polished, depending on the particular activity that the fabric is intended to carry out. The weaves used in the production of Ha-Ra cloths, such as the waffle weave, cross hatch weave, and zigzag weave, prevent the fibres from linting.

Since the 90ies, the Ha-Ra system has been utilised in steriliser departments for the purpose of cleaning the floors and sterilisers. You are probably aware that more than one in nine children in Australia suffer from asthma, and that this disease can be made worse by the increased air pollution that occurs from the use of chemical cleaners - especially in daycare centres. The Ha-Ra microfiber systems employ the mechanical power of the fibres to eliminate all microorganisms, as opposed to concealing filth with chemicals, which is the traditional method of cleaning.

So, when it comes to the cleanliness standards and hygiene procedures of a daycare centre, there is no room for compromises. This is only one of many reasons having to do with the health and safety of the employees and the children who attend the facility. The industrial-strength of the Ha-Ra microfibre cleaning technology removes the need for more than 98% of cleaning solutions and gathers the build-up and residue left behind by surfaces. It does this by absorbing the filth into the fabric rather than spreading it out and spreading it further. The Ha-Ra fibres have a long lifespan, with carefully designed and patented woven fibres that have been confirmed and tested to not drop lint nor leave residue, hence limiting the formation of bacteria. In addition, the Ha-Ra fibres are patented.

Instead of covering up grime and dirt with a chemical that builds up until germs get immune to the disinfection and allow nasty bacteria to thrive, the upgraded Ha-Ra system will absorb and remove the grime and dirt.

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