Outdoor and Screen Cleaning Glove


The Ultimate Screen and Outdoor Cleaning Glove - Unmatched Commercial-Grade Durability for the Toughest Surfaces!

  • Ha-Ra's Bestseller: Ideal for tackling tough indoor and outdoor grime
  • Withstands commercial use on heavily soiled outdoor surfaces for extended periods
  • Provides outstanding cleaning efficacy and longevity across a variety of surfaces
  • Requires only water for operation - simply rinse and reuse
  • Backed by the Crimsafe Warranty for years, particularly favored for cleaning security and fly screens

For really dirty, rough surfaces: The Outdoor and Screen Cleaning Glove can handle any tough job you can think of, just add water. If there are large amounts of dirt add extra water, no chemicals needed.

How To Use

Immerse the glove in water and wring out, Wipe the Outdoor Cleaning Glove in a circular motion with light pressure. If the surface is heavily soiled, add 2 drops of ph-neutral concentrated detergent to 5 litres of water. 

Where To Use

For really dirty rough surfaces. For fast and efficient cleaning of: security screens and doors, window tracks and runners, louvres, garage doors, cars, outdoor furniture and boats. Works brilliantly on very dirty surfaces in all indoor and outdoor areas.

How Does It Work

Cleaning doesn't have to be exhausting. The high-quality Ha-Ra fibres show their full cleaning power with only a little pressure. Cleaning fly or security screens can seem like a messy, fussy chore. In fact, most of us prefer to avoid this task completely. Fact is: when these screens are dirty they look unattractive plus they are inefficient, because they block fresh air from entering your house. Fortunately, you can ensure that your screens serve their purpose effectively by cleaning them properly in no time with one of the best cleaning products - the Outdoor Cleaning Glove - your hero, when it comes to cleaning screens and very dirty areas.

What Is It Made Of

100% nylon, pile: 20mm Backing fabric: 100% polyester


Interesting Questions about Ha-Ra's Bestseller: 

Where can I use the Outdoor Cleaning Glove?
It does the heavy work of cleaning the worst grime, dirt and sand from window frames, screens and entrance doors, outdoor furniture, pergolas, and statues, natural stone and smooth stone walls, car wheels and hubcaps.  It is available as a floor pad fibre and can be used in combination with our ph neutral floor cleaner.

How long does a Outdoor Cleaning Glove last?
Many cheap cleaning products are produced in low wage countries. Ha-Ra’s German quality lasts for years. Thats why we promote quality over quantity when it comes to our chemical free cleaning products! The directors of Ha-Ra Australia believed in Ha-Ra’s durability and eco friendly cleaning products and owned a green cleaning business that used the same products without replacement for 15 years.

How do I clean the Outdoor Cleaning Glove once it’s full of dirt?
Rinse the Outdoor Cleaning Glove in water and the dirt will come out easily. Once rinsed you can also throw them in the washing machine with the ph neutral floor cleaner. Just make sure you don't add any fabric softener as this will destroy the structure of the fibres.

Can I clean other things with the Green Cleaning Glove?
From your Caravan to your Car - there are no limits. The Outdoor Cleaning Glove is one of the best cleaning products and cleans through heavy dirt and dust in no time! Just be careful on sandstone as the rough surface could be harmful to the fibres.