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Steel Floor Cleaning Express (Piece only)

Floor Cleaning device

The Floor Cleaning Express is the mechanism that holds the Ha-Ra® floor pads and clips into the handle. The Floor Cleaning Express (without handle) can be purchased on it's own if you already have a handle with another cleaning solution.

How to use
Select the appropriate floor pad for your floor surface then insert one end of the metal bar into the floor pad. Apply pressure onto the metal pedal at the top of the floor express and lift, and insert the other end. Push down to lock it in place. To clean, use an 's' motion over the floor in order to collect larger particles while the fibre gets into indentations.

Where to use
The Floor Cleaning Express helps you clean all floor surfaces with a wide range of floor pads, you can also use this system to clean ceilings, stairs, beams and cornices.

Floor Cleaning device