Shower Recess Pad


Powerful Shower Recess Scrubbing pad for versatile cleaning around your shower, sink, or even as a convenient soap pad.

  • Ideal to clean your shower, sink or store soap on it as it allows the soap to dry 
  • Prevents bacteria growth as it allows drying 

Simply place the Scrubbing Pad in your shower or next to your sink and put your bar of soap on the pad. You can also use the pad as a cloth and clean your shower, wipe out your sink between your regular cleaning if you need to. It stops soap from sliding around and prevents bacteria growth as it allows drying.

How To Use

Using a shower recess cleaning pad is simple:

  1. Wet the pad with water.
  2. Scrub the shower recess surfaces, focusing on areas with soap scum, grime, or stains.
  3. Rinse the pad and the cleaned surfaces thoroughly with water.
  4. Allow the area to dry, and if necessary, repeat the process for stubborn stains.
Where To Use

Perfect for the shower, kitchen, bathroom and the laundry sink. Use it to achieve sparkling clean results on cookware (aluminium, iron, and stainless steel), bakeware, oven racks, shower doors, and a lot of other surfaces. 

How Does It Work

The Shower Recess Pad is not only made to store your soap but also a handy cleaning product makes all of your cleaning tasks around the shower and sink significantly simpler and faster. The Pad quickly and effectively removes stubborn grease and grime, and its versatility allows them to be used both kitchens and bathrooms. The fibres of the the pad are designed to quickly cut through grease and other types of grime, allowing you to enjoy the sparkling clean results. 

What Is It Made Of

100% Polyester 

12 x 6 cm 

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

This pad reduces the need for harsh chemical cleaners, promotes the reuse of the cleaning pad, and minimises waste by eliminating chemicals and single-use cleaning products.


What are tips for more hygiene at home? What actually is hygiene? It owes its name to the Greek goddess of health, Hygieia.And so when it comes to hygiene, it is always about maintaining your own health. Pathogens lurk everywhere in the household and not only since Corona has kept the world in suspense. Due to the increased separation of waste, it is usually stored longer before it is taken out. Laundry is usually only washed at low temperatures. And due to energy-saving measures when building houses, the air exchange is no longer given to the same extent as it used to be the case.Here are 10 hygiene tips, which, if applied consistently, should be enough
to ensure sufficient hygiene in a household:

  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Air the house or apartment several times a day for 10 minutes
  • Take out trash at least every other day
  • Wet surfaces, e.g. in the bathroom, wipe dry immediately
  • Only use hand and cleaning cloths for a few days and allow them to air dry after use
  • It is best to change dishcloths every day
  • After processing raw food, put all tools directly into the dishwasher if possible
  • After washing in the washing machine, clean the dishwashing chamber and let it dry dry, leave the washing machine lid open
  • In case of acute infections of family members, disinfect the toilet and dirty bathroom surfaces regularly 
  • ...and wash laundry at at least 60 °C with a heavy-duty detergent in powder form