Starter Cleaning Kit


All-In-One Starter Cleaning Kit with two powerful Cleaning Gloves for dirt and grime, concentrated ph-neutral detergent and Polishing Cloth

  • Versatile usage: Suitable for all surfaces including kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Cost-Effective: Premium Materials ensure a long-life of the fibres
  • Eco-Conscious: Reduce chemical use and disposable waste
  • Works with water only but also contains a highly-concentrated ph-neutral concentrate suitable for very greasy tasks to allow fibres to glide  
  • Drying-Off and Polishing Cloth for fingermarks, glass and mirrors 

Take your cleaning routine to new heights with Ha-Ra's Starter Cleaning Kit. This kit is your gateway to a cleaner and more sustainable home. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Ha-Ra's cleaning technology, and say hello to a world of effortless cleaning.

This Kit comes with the following products:

  • Green Cleaning Glove (ideal for dirt and dust) 
  • Ultra Cleaning Glove (ideal for grease and grime) 
  • Protective Formula Rollfix 75ml (ph-neutral detergent) 
  • Star Polishing Cloth (to dry-off for a streak-free result) 

Ultra Glove: The Ultra Glove is a marvel of cleaning technology. With its ultra-fine scrubbing fibres, this glove effortlessly removes dirt and grime from all surfaces. It's unique weave on the reverse side ensures maximum absorption, making it ideal to absorb the residue that you have brought up to the surface. No more wasteful paper towels or disposable wipes – the Ultra Glove is here to make your cleaning routine more sustainable and efficient.

Green Glove: Say goodbye to harsh chemicals! The Green Glove is designed for those seeking a more eco-friendly cleaning solution. Made from tough absorbing fibres and without any added chemicals, this glove is perfect for very dirty surfaces, security screens or outdoor areas. It absorbs dirt and dust like a magnet. 

PH-neutral Protective Formula Rollfix: Protect and preserve your surfaces with the pH-neutral Protective Formula Rollfix. The roll-on applicator allows for precise and controlled usage, ensuring maximum coverage while minimizing waste. Unleash the power of Ha-Ra's protective formula for a long-lasting shine.

Star Polishing Cloth: Add the finishing touch to your cleaning routine with the Star Polishing Cloth. Its innovative fiber structure guarantees a streak-free shine on glass, stainless steel, and other reflective surfaces. Achieve professional-grade results without the need for expensive chemical cleaners. The Star Polishing Cloth will leave your surfaces sparkling and crystal clear.