ERA Universal Floor Squeegee


Ultimate Dual-Action Cleaning Tool: Effortlessly sweep away dry debris and spills on any surface with the innovative ERA Broom-Squeegee!

  • Suitable for all surfaces: optimally applicable on smooth and textured floors and even carpets, runners, and mats.
  • The elastic squeegee blade made of high-quality TPE is washable and replaceable - side projections prevent damage to objects.
  • The flexible squeegee joint enables easy cleaning at any angle.
  • Can be combined with ERA telescopic and standard handles. 
How To Use

Suitable for squeegeeing and sweeping all floors in dry and wet areas. After use, simply rinse the squeegee blade under running water. The squeegee rail is made of anodized aluminum. All functional parts are made of various plastics, each optimized for functionality and durability.

Where To Use

The new ERA Universal Squeegee is versatile for use as a broom or squeegee in wet and dry areas. It excels on all smooth surfaces such as parquet and tiles - but also on textile surfaces such as carpets, runners, and mats. Whether dirt, dust, hair, or glass shards - dry and loose dirt as well as liquids are removed in no time. The Universal Squeegee enables particularly hygienic cleaning. 

How Does It Work

Unlike conventional rubber brooms, the dirt does not collect in the bristles. The squeegee blade can simply be rinsed under water. In the accustomed Ha-Ra quality, our ERA Universal Squeegee consists exclusively of the highest quality materials such as anodized aluminum as well as components designed for functionality and durability. All components of the ERA Universal Squeegee are 100% Made in Germany – assembly takes place in our Saarland-based factory. 

What Is It Made Of

The elastic squeegee blade is made of 100% TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer).

Squeegee width: 38 cm with telescopic handle adjustable from 1.14 - 1.70m 

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

It reduces water and chemical usage during cleaning, lasts a long time, and requires manual effort, saving energy.