Telescopic ERA Window Cleaning Handle


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The Extendable Window-Cleaning Tool

Use the Ha-Ra® Telescopic Window Cleaning Handle to reach high windows, walls or awkward angles with the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner. The handle is extendable and available in: 1m, 1.55m, 2.45m 

How to use
Simply loosen the wing nut to allow the attachment of a Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner, then retighten to lock in place. To extend the length of the handle flip the clasp off, extend and then place the clasp back. 

Where to use
The telescopic handle is designed to work with the window cleaner and the floor cleaner to access hard to reach places. The Ha-Ra® Telescopic Handles come in 3 lengths. 

Directions for Use

  • Lift the plastic clip which is located on the lower section of the metal shaft, and extend the shaft outwards to the length required.
  • To secure the shaft, push the plastic clip towards the metal shaft and lock in place.
  • To place the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner on to the Ha-Ra® Telescopic Handle, use a twisting motion to lock it on to the handle. The Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner can be positioned so that the fibres are in contact with the surface being cleaned, or with the rubber strip facing towards the surface.
  • To adjust the angle of the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner on the handle, loosen the wing-nut and rotate the plastic pointed connection to the required angle .
  • Secure the wing-nut and push the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner on to the handle so that the fibres are facing the surface. 
  • Clean with the fibres and then slightly twist the connection to the opposite side, turning it over to scrape the water down the surface.

For the cleaning of ceilings and higher areas: A hole can be drilled through the plastic cone-shaped end of the Ha-Ra® Telescopic Handle, so that the Ha-Ra® Floor Express can be attached. It is not recommended that floors be cleaned with the Ha-Ra® Floor Express attached to the Ha-Ra® Telescopic Handle. The combination of the Ha-Ra® Floor Express on the Ha-Ra® Telescopic Handle is particularly useful for cleaning glasshouses, and painters also appreciate this new technology. 

When the weather is clear, the horizon seems to go on forever. This is the guarantee that comes with the purchase of a Ha-Ra Window Cleaning System. Your windows will not only shine, but they will also remain spotless for a longer period of time. In addition to this, we will take care of the laborious task of cleaning those cluttered screens and even huge glass areas for you. And none of it requires a lot of effort or involves chemicals. We strongly suggest that you use a few drops of the pH-neutral Ha-Ra Protective Formula in order to shield your hands from the damaging effects of hard water and to serve as a wetting agent. 

You'll be able to tell the difference in a matter of minutes. Almost any surface can be cleaned with one of the eco friendly cleaning products.