Door Mat brown


The robust fibres have a brush effect and absorb even the coarsest dirt. Dirt and moisture collect in the transverse grooves.

  • Brush technology for cleaning with the dark stripes 
  • The lighter fibre is responsible for absorbing moisture and dust
  • Backing: Anti-slip for safety
  • Place the door mat on the inside or outside of your building entrance

The Ha-Ra Door Mats clean and dry shoes as they enter your house to reduce the amount of dirt brought in as well as capture pet hair and dirt as they come through the door. 

How To Use

The doormat is made with robust fibers that have a brushing effect. When shoes are wiped or stepped on the mat, these fibers help to remove dirt and debris.

Where To Use

The various mats can be used outdoors and indoors. They clean and dry shoes before they come inside of the house hence they reduce the  dirt brought into the house.

How Does It Work

They have a non-slip reverse side to prevent the mat from slipping around smooth surfaces. Choose one of three popular colours to match your home and office interior. The mats have been able to prove their quality in high foot traffic areas e.g. office buildings or libraries. Strips of fine and coarse fibres are part of this door mat. The darker fibres brush off the remaining dirt. The lighter fibres have a fine cleaning effect, similar to a cleaning cloth, and absorb moisture very well. Due to the combined and clever fibre design, the surface is significantly increased and the water absorption improved. All our mats dry off off very quickly.

What Is It Made Of

100 % Polyamid


How do clean the mat:
Knock your mat against a hard surface to loosen dust and grime. You can also vacuum clean or use a pressure hose for deeper cleaning.