These cleaning gloves have received favourable feedback on Facebook, Google, and Amazon for a range of tasks, including cleaning up bacteria or germs, cleaning dirty outdoor areas and screens, and washing dishes or shower screens.

Which of these industrial-strength cleaning gloves will be your Cleaning Hero?

Green Cleaning Glove
The Green Cleaning Glove is the absolute best-seller at Ha-Ra. The Green Screen Cleaning Glove was designed specifically for rough, uneven surfaces like security screens, outdoor areas, and wicker furniture. It is suitable for use with Crimsafe security screens because to its pile height, as the fibres reach through the mesh and clean it thoroughly. Because no residue is left on the surface, it will remain cleaner for longer, whereas sticky chemicals or detergent might draw more dirt and dust in the long term. You will be able to clean your garage door, terrace areas, basement rooms, outside steps, porcelain stoneware, and even eliminate undesired algae or mould build up in wet or outside regions with the Green Cleaning Glove. When it comes to eliminating gritty dirt from rough surfaces, this unique Green Cleaning Fibre is the go-to solution. Ideal for cleaning dumpsters, garage doors, terrace plant pots, outdoor locations, and many other surfaces. The Green Cleaning Glove can be used with either cold or hot water. Submerge the Cleaning Glove completely in water and then wring it out. The fibre should be applied damp, but not drenched. Please avoid using cleaning agents other than ph neutral detergent with it, since this can cause the fibres to cling together.

Gloves for Grease Cleaning
The Ultra Cleaning Glove is extremely adaptable and durable. It easily cleans various places while protecting hands from dirt and even injuries. It cleans numerous surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet, among other things. Its speciality cleaning regions include very stubborn filth or oily films, such as dirty ovens and grills. The Ultra Cleaning Glove can also be used to clean upholstery and carpets. The glove can also be utilised in the car area, such as washing the outside or cleaning the interior. It's also great for cleaning textile shoes, rubber soles, satchels, and backpacks, among other things. With its powerful scrubbing fibres, this Grease Glove can be used with cold or lukewarm water. Using the ph neutral detergent with it increases the effect. Before the first usage, the Cleaning Glove should be washed at 40 degrees. The Ultra Glove is a powerful Grease Glove that is made in Germany and is intended to be used for many years. In most circumstances, simply applying water is adequate, so protecting the environment. The dark side is in charge of obstinate grime on non-sensitive surfaces. The pile height is 8mm and is made of 100% polyester microfibre. The lighter Viva fibre, 100% polyester, pile height 9 mm, can be used for normal soiling and subsequent cleaning.

Cleaning Glove Mach 6
The Mach 6 Cleaning Glove is great for all smooth surfaces, including the kitchen and automobile interior. This Cleaning Glove is suitable for use as a Kitchen Glove and is made of a high-tech microfiber that is also suitable for use on sensitive surfaces. It features two height constructions with millions of polyester microfibres. These are virtually nanoscale in size. Because of this clever design, the white, densely woven strands have an incredibly high capillary effect and can literally suck up dirt. The blue fibre, with its physical-mechanical function, rips up the filth - the ideal cleaning method. This Cleaning Glove's ability will astound you. The nano-fibre in this Cleaning Glove enables very fine wetting and leaves no stains due to its exceptionally strong capillary action. As a result, it may be used on any high-gloss surface and functions wonderfully as a Kitchen Glove. Furthermore, the fibre is readily guided, allowing for quick, efficient cleaning with minimal effort. On tiles, marble, fine stone, granite, PVC surfaces, lacquered wood, plastic, and acrylic, we recommend using the Mach 6 Cleaning Glove. It can be used to clean bathtubs, bathroom furniture, showers, sinks, and tiles in the bathroom, as well as window frames, bannisters, radiators, plastic garden furniture, doors, and garden furniture in general. It is also widely used in automobiles for dashboards, chrome pieces, plastics, painted surfaces, and rims.

Cleaning Glove for Bathrooms and Kitchens
The Hedgehog Cleaning Glove is perfect for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. It is a double-sided Cleaning Glove with fine bristles that can reach into minor surface indentations. It uses the most recent Nano-Technology to clean with simply water. It eliminates the need for paper towels and bathroom cleaning products entirely. Using this Cleaning Glove can save you hundreds of dollars every year while also making your home safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly. This Glove can be used as a Bathroom Glove because it cleans a wide variety of different surface types. It can be used to clean glass, worktops, sinks, bathrooms, floors, wood, granite, and even stainless steel, which is infamous for being tough to clean. The Hedgehog Cleaning Glove may be used as a Bathroom Glove to keep mirrors clean and free of toothpaste, hairspray, and makeup residue - simply follow up with a Star Polishing Cloth for a steak-free shine. With little effort, the sink and chrome fittings will be immaculate. Once you've tried the Hedgehog Cleaning Glove, you'll quickly realise how simple it is to include it into your everyday cleaning regimen.

Dusting Gloves
This Dusting Glove has a statically charged synthetic fibre that catches dust, dust bunnies, hair, and other particles and holds them until you shake it free. It is suitable for rapid dusting in between cleanings and for dry cleaning in situations where moist cleaning is neither desired or possible. This Cleaning Glove can also be used on your pets. Stroke the fur gently to gather up and remove loose hair and dander. Your little darling will be grateful. The Dry Dusting Glove also removes dust and cobwebs throughout the living room, including furniture, wooden figures, carvings, steps, glazed surfaces, wooden stairs, keyboards, screens, bookshelves, plants, radiators, leather trimmings, and much more.

Cleaning Glove Natura
The Natura Cleaning Glove not only cleans, but it also dries! It ensures easy and, most importantly, time-saving cleaning. Feel the superior blend of fibres for yourself: the polyester fibres clean completely and softly, while the cotton fibres absorb dirt and excess water. As a result, the surfaces are absolutely clean and streak-free. This glove is perfect for use throughout the home, including furniture, TVs, marble and glass tables, plastic and hardwood surfaces, leather trims, sanitary areas, device surfaces, and office furniture. The Natura Cleaning Glove can be used with both cold and warm water, but it must always be wrung out thoroughly. The treated surfaces dry streak-free.

Lint Removal Glove
The Lint Glove can be used to remove unwanted lint, dust, fluff, and even pet hair from your clothing and furniture. Because of all the hair that gets caught on clothes or furniture, this Cleaning Glove Lint is great for anyone who owns a pet. Simply wipe over furniture or clothing in a single motion and brush your lint glove against the grain after each usage to remove any lint, fluff, or hair that has gathered on the surface.

Cleaning Gloves for the Skin
The Skin Cleaning Glove thoroughly cleanses both the skin and the body while also giving a relaxing massage and a peeling action. The majority of users keep this Cleaning Glove in the shower or bath and use it with a modest amount of body wash. You'll be surprised at how revitalised your skin feels after using the Skin Cleaning Glove.

Cleaning Glove for Pets
The Pet Cleaning Glove was created to care for the coats of your pets and animals, including cats, dogs, horses, and the vast majority of other furry creatures. It not only gives the animal a relaxing massage, but it also prevents hair loss, dissolves fat, eliminates bad odours, and cleans the pores in the animal's skin.

"Have had my green mitt and raab solution for a long now.. but today was the day I thought.. alright it's screen door time.. front, rear of house top quality security screens and also door leading into front bedroom.. wasn't looking forwards to it as it's normally a bloody chore.. Well, not anymore, and I also completed the security screen above the barbeque. I still can't believe how fantastic this thing is. It's rapid, i.e. it doesn't take hours, and I continued looking because I believed my eyes were playing tricks on me. My arms are not as uncomfortable as they typically are since I have psoriatic arthritis. I absolutely had no need to put any pressure on my workout I kept saying to my fur baby, " it's a miracle ". I'm going to acquire another mitt... just seeing what works best for me. If you've been looking like I was for years and weren't sure, do yourself a favour, in the words of the great Molly. You will not be sorry, and because the raab solution is so concentrated, it will last forever (nearly)."

Melvin Ovens commented on the gloves on Facebook: "Ha-cleaning Ra's gloves are just great. They've changed the way I clean my shower stalls, windows, and outside areas."
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