During the past half-century, Ha-chemical-free Ra's cleaning technology has been widely used.

Ha-Ra® was invented in Germany by a man named Hans Raab, who was a professional cleaner in the 1970’s disgusted with the limitations and hazards of cleaning systems and products available at the time. Driven by inadequate market options and a desire to create healthier atmosphere for his employees, Mr. Raab developed the first original fibre cleaning system in the world. Mr. Raab had three objections in mind when he started to develop a new generation of “domestic and commercial cleaning technology”:  

  • The new system had to be economical, cleaner and faster making cleaning easier. 
  • The system has to be ergonomically sound, to protect all users from poisoning and injuries. 
  • Had to be environmentally friendly to protect ourselves, the environment and future generations.

After years of research, Ha-Ra® was launched and began it’s journey to success and experienced public acceptance and skyrocketed towards the end of the eighties. Some of the highlights have been:  

  • At the 1982 Inventors Fair in Basel, Switzerland, Hans Raab presented a window cleaner consisting of fibres and was awarded with a gold medal for his invention
  • In 1984, Hans Raab set a world record cleaning an area of 638 sam at the Hilton Hotel in Basel in 2 hours and 54 minutes. 
  • Ha-Ra® was the first company in Germany to win a prestigious award in 1993 in Hanover for environmental systems. 
  • Today, Ha-Ra® is distributed in over 50 countries worldwide 

Over the last decade and a half, Ha-Ra® has become No. 1 worldwide.

German engineering, technology and exceptional thinking has proven to be successful!  There are basically three different fibres which have been developed for different purposes: 

  • Cleaning - loosen the dirt and grease 
  • Picking up - dirt and water 
  • Polishing - absorbing 

The physical-mechanical action of the fibres requires minimum pressure (no “elbow grease”), minimum amount of water and no cleaning agents. 

Minimum pressure is required as the top of the fibre actually produces the cleaning effect. The sizes of the Ha-Ra® cleaning cloths are the most suitable sizes for cleaning and the Cleaning Gloves protect the hands from injuries. The design of the Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner even enables people with rheumatism to clean their own windows. The Ha-Ra® Floor System (which can be also used for walls and ceilings) permits operation in the upright position, and the flexible handle gives access to places that other systems (e. g. mops) can not reach. The floor pads can be easily removed for rinsing. The squeeze bucket can assist in squeezing wet floor pads. There are no handles, no pushing and pulling required. In summery, the total system meets the Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

The effectiveness of Ha-Ra®’s physical-mechanical action eliminates the use of aggressive cleaning agents and detergents.

As a result, health hazards for children as well as adults are minimised and pressure on the environment decreased. After dirt build-up is removed with the Ha-Ra® system, surfaces are much easier to maintain and are less receptive to dirt. The environment and future generations will benefit form the development and use of the Ha-Ra® cleaning system

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