We're calling all shine-seekers and tidy-makers to grab your cameras or smartphones and share your beautiful Ha-Ra moments with us.
Take a quick 30 sec video or snap a photo showcasing your beloved Ha-Ra product as it conquers the mess and restores harmony to your space. Whether it's the glistening floors, the gleaming windows, or the sheer satisfaction of a job well done, we want to see it all!

Join our vibrant Ha-Ra family as we celebrate the sparkle and convenience our products bring to your lives. Your contribution won't just inspire others–it could land you fabulous rewards, too as with each submission you will have an entry to go in the draw to win one of our Starter Floor Cleaning Kits. 

Let's spread the sparkle far and wide! Your favourite cleaning hero deserves the limelight. It's time to capture the clean and share your Ha-Ra passion! 

Here are some of our team entries: 

It's the Spray Bottle for Monty It's the Polishing Cloth for Cornelia It's the Green Glove for Mark It's the window cleaner for Katrin

Submit your video for your entry in the draw to win a floor cleaning system $379

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