This is the best Ha-Ra Day ever.

Getting up early is not my thing. I want to press the snooze button on my alarm clock three times. Today is one of the days when I can't enjoy my beloved flextime at home. I have to go to the office. Important appointment. So quickly take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed... Luckily I got my wardrobe ready last night. But what is that? My beautiful blazer has a large dark spot on it. Do I have an alternative? Not really... So I grab my Ha-Ra Rollfix, which fortunately is always filled with Protective Formula, and the stain is gone in no time.

I quickly gather my things and rush to my bike. I still wanted to oil the chain. Where's the oil? When I look at the shelf, the blue bottle catches my eye again. Ha-Ra Protective Formula should also work, shouldn't it? And indeed - it works. So I jump on my bike and get to the office just in time.

The appointment is a complete success and I can finish work on time – fortunately. I have a full program tonight. I'm expecting visitors and until they come I want to do laundry, clean windows, wipe and tidy up a bit. So I cycle straight home. I first collect the delicates and put them in the washing machine. Instead of a mild detergent, I simply put half a teaspoon of Protective Formula in the detergent drawer. I can prepare the food while the laundry is in progress. Soul food is planned for tonight. Yummy lasagna. It can cook in the oven while I continue with my program. I do a hand wash first. A few drops of Protective Formula in the dishwater is a great dishwashing liquid.

Next up are the floors. 2-3 drops of Protective Formula in 6 liters of water, dip the floor fibre, squeeze out and I can happily clean the apartment in eight loops. It's amazing how many meters I can clean without rinsing the pad. I'm thrilled every time. I actually wanted to clean the windows last weekend, but unfortunately I didn't get around to it.

Luckily, my window cleaner works very quickly. Simply roll over the fiber 2-3 times with the Rollfix, foam up, wring out, ready to use. All windows are clean in no time. I look admiringly at my potted plants from my freshly cleaned balcony door. Oh no! Those aren't really aphids, are they? Hadn't my mother told me recently that she knew a really great remedy for it. I call her quickly and can hardly believe it.Protective Formula also helps against aphids. I quickly mix a liter of water with a drop in a spray bottle and spray the affected leaves. As soon as I put away the spray bottle, the doorbell rang.

A nice evening and very happy I managed to do everything relatively relaxed, I greet my guests. A friend brought me beautiful flowers. To keep them fresh for longer, I simply add some Protective Formula to the water. So I can enjoy this great bouquet for a long time. Now the cozy part of the evening can finally begin. With lasagna and red wine we sit together for hours and enjoy the good times together. When all the guests have left, I quickly remove my make-up and wash out my reusable make-up removal pads directly with the Protective Formula. Happy about this successful evening I look in the mirror and find a large stain on my sweater. And so my day ends as it began - with the Rollfix. I treat the stain with a little Protective Formula and put the sweater in the wash. A little later fall asleep happy and satisfied and dream of blue bottles.

Contribution by Tanja Goeller (Ha-Ra Germany) 

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