Clean swimming pools with cutting-edge fibre technology

Swimming pools need plenty of maintenance to stay clean, but the benefits are countless! Our professional Ha-Ra® products are designed to maintain In- and Outdoor pool areas and the surroundings regularly without any additional chemicals - superfast and easy. 


The secret to keeping your swimming pool clean is to perform maintenance tasks on a regular basis.

- Keeping your pool surroundings clean will help prevent getting dirt, debris and algae in your pool.
- The Green Cleaning Floor Pad is designed to clean timber decks and slate fast and efficient.
- Skim the surface of your pool with a leaf skimmer.
- Empty skimmer baskets.

Twice weekly:
- Clean the walls and the bottom of the pool to remove dirt and debris with the Ultra Cleaning Fibre and Extension Handle. 
- Vacuum the pool or put your automatic pool cleaner in the pool to get rid of all the (smaller) particles in the water.
- Empty pump baskets.

- Check your equipment to make sure it is operating as it should.
- Use the Ultra Cleaning Glove to free the tiles, pool ladder or grout at the waterline from calcium build-up or sunblock.
- Remove Fingermarks or Sunblock from Glass Pool Fences with the Window Cleaner
- Check and adjust chemical/PH balance of water.

- Clean the pool filter and check the levels.

We all know there is not just the Pool who needs cleaning attention at this time of the year.

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