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We are matchmaking cleaners with messy homes on the Sunshine Coast

environmentally friendly disinfectants

We connect Sunshine Coast homeowners with cleaners who can tackle their mess.

Are you looking for a reliable cleaner that only uses chemical-free cleaning products? Or are you a cleaner who is over the use of chemicals and would like to start out fresh?

Ha-Ra is now matchmaking cleaners and home owners on the Sunshine Coast.

How does this work? During the off-peak season, Ha-Ra is offering free cleaning workshops on the Sunshine Coast. We will train our chemical-free cleaners using the latest chemical-free cleaning technology and put them in touch with our network of local home owners or resorts who are in need of a cleaner using this advanced system. There is no cost for the cleaner. The homeowner or resort purchases Ha-Ra cleaning supplies and the cleaner is fully trained knowing how to use the equipment.


  • We offer a cleaning workshop for cleaners 3-4 hours on the Sunshine Coast (covid-safe social distancing rules apply)
  • No cost to the cleaner as the home owner provides the equipment
  • A certificate over chemical-free cleaning practises will be provided
  • We will connect cleaners with our network of homeowners to create an ongoing successful partnership using the Ha-Ra product range
  • Homeowners will profit from first-class cleaning standards
  • Cleaners will save time and profit of our knowledge for over 28 years in the industry
  • This procedure has been used successfully by various local businesses including Aspire Property Management, Sunshine Beach Luxury Holidays and various BIG 4 Holiday Parks


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