How to clean leather in general

The type of leather you have will have a lot to do with how to keep your furniture looking great for many years. But as a rule, there are some things you should do when cleaning any kind of leather. Use only the following things to clean leather, unless the type of leather or instructions on it says otherwise:

A dry towel or cloth. You should dust your leather often. This will let it breathe well and make it look its very best. 

Ph neutral detergents and water. Use only a ph neutral cleaning detergent if you can to clean your leather. For general maintenance you can use water. 

A leather balm made from bees wax. If you don't take care of leather the right way, it will dry out and crack over time. These special products act as a barrier against dirt and stains and also help clean the material. Make sure to apply the balm in a circular motion with a soft brush, sponge, or microfiber cloth.

Which products should you avoid when cleaning leather? 

Because leather is such a delicate material, many of the cleaners we use to keep our homes clean can actually damage it. When you clean your leather, don't use these things:

Cream of tartar, baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice. Some online sources say that these common household items can be used to clean leather. This is not true, because they can be very hard on the fabric and make stains even worse.

Stay clear of nail polish remover. This solution, which is also called a "DIY leather cleaner," is also much too harsh for leather. Nail polish remover contains acetone and alcohol, which can remove all the colour from leather and leave a bleached-out spot where it's used.

Window Cleaning Products. On some websites and forums, there are also rumours that window cleaner detergent can be used to clean leather. We also don't think that's a good idea. Even though it is a mild cleaner, it still has alcohol in it, which can remove colour and the top layer of leather that protects it.

Know which products go with which kinds of leather. There are certain polishes suitable for all leathers and others that are specifically produced for certain types of leather. You might damage your leather or shorten its life if you don’t select the right kind of leather polish.

Hair spray. On the Internet, there is another old wives' tale that says hairspray will get rid of stains and marks on leather. This is almost certainly a bad idea, and it won't work at all.

Disposable cleaners. Even disinfectant wipes and sponges that have already been wet are not good ways to clean leather. They typically contain alcohol and this can damage the color and top coat of leather.

What are the best practices when cleaning leather?

Leather requires frequent upkeep and cleaning to look its best for the long haul. There are a set of standard cleaning procedures to follow when cleaning your leather. Follow these rules and your leather will stay in good shape.

Take care of stains right away. Use a soft microfibre cloth to wipe up liquid stains as soon as possible. Gently pat the area to get rid of as much water as you can. Now dip a soft cloth in warm water to dampen and dab the area. You can use leather cleaner or a mild ph neutral detergent at this time to help clear away the stain. Just make sure not to rub the spot. Instead, dab it so you don't spread the stain and make it bigger.

Moisturize your leather regularly. Find out what kind of leather you have and buy a treatment that will be best for it. Apply it with a cloth to soften the leather and smooth out small scratches.

Remember, leather will change over time.

This material is meant to grow more worn as time moves on. It will develop a rich patina over the years that can add to the beauty of a piece when fostered with care. Don’t fear the changes your leather makes as it becomes more lived-in.

Turn to the pros if your leather furniture is damaged. Some damage and stains are best left for professional hands to tend to. A leather expert can restore colors and textures by applying heat with special tools meant to repair the material. Time heals some wounds. Leather furniture features the remarkable ability to absorb stains completely without any assistance from a cleaner. This process can take anywhere from a week to a few months but in some cases, it’s worth it to simply wait it out.

How to apply the leather couch cleaner

The natural beeswax and lanolin in Ha-Ra Leather Balm feed and waterproof leather in one step. You can make leather soft and pliable in just one step, without having to polish it. After the wax soaks into the leather and dries, the shine will show up. Pure beeswax and lanolin make up this natural leather balm. In one step, it feeds, cares for, and soaks smooth leather. The treatment keeps the leather from getting water marks and keeps it soft and able to breathe. Perfect for caring for and cleaning leather shoes, belts, suitcases, furniture, clothing, and more. But also for balls, bridles, saddles, and clothing for motorcycles.

What are the ingredients of the leather couch cleaner?

Pure beeswax, lanolin (free of herbicides and pesticides), no silicone oil, no solvents, no expiration date, and the raw materials are of pharmaceutical quality (DAB 10)

Allow the balm to soak into leather and seats for at least 24 hours. When the wax is dry, you can buff it to make it shine more. For applying the leather balm, we suggest using the small, handy Ha-Ra leather care cloth.

Use the blue side with the spots to spread the balm very thinly over the area to be cleaned. Let absorb. Use the white side of the cleaning cloth to polish the surface. How to use: Recommended for all natural leather items, furniture, car dashboards, synthetics, and waxed woods.

The leather couch cleaner is all you need to take good care of your favourite leather couch, sofa or seat and makes sure they last for a long time. Taking care of your leather items will make them last longer. When you rub the balm into your leather shoes, bags, furniture, or even the seats in your car, the leather will look better than it ever has. When you use this balsam on your leather item, it will look as good as new because it changes the colour and texture of the leather and hides any flaws or small scratches.


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